Let Me Show You My True Colors~Audrey

This year I did something a little different. I usually pick one song that resounds to me and then make goals based on what God was saying through those words. This year, for some reason, I didn’t feel like one anthem really encompasses everything I am struggling with. So there is one over all anthem (true Colors by Kesha) but then one song for each goal.  Read along for each song that haunts me and what God wanted me do with it.


“With all the blood I lost with you, it drowns the love I thought I knew”

My Blood- Ellie Goulding


I feel like I shouldn’t have to add my health into my goals but this song has always stirred feeling about my body and my sickness. I have gotten over at being angry at my body, which is what these lyrics represent.  But I must learn to be positive even when I feel like I am slipping backwards. My biggest problem is when I have a flare. When I get sick or start hurting because I get a setback. I can’t handle that. It’s something I plan to work on this year


“I tried to call you buy you wasn’t around”

Hear Me Now-Five

When I first started my goals, I always included being touch with my friends. I have lost friends many for stupid reasons to let things that I can control get in the way.  Then that goal trickled away, and I can see the aftermath. I will not let that happen. I will reach out and I will reconnect with the ones I lost because sat around twiddling my thumbs. I will work hard not to let others fade away as well.


“Don’t turn over the page”tumblr_obssnaq3cq1sjta83o1_500

Fake It, Bastille

This song has encouraged me to think about starting over. There is one person who this applies to, and I’m not sure what God wants me to do with this one. I first have to accept that I am starting over and then truly go with how God wants it without a secondary agenda.  So help Lord, turn over the page.

“Back when we were kids”


I have a habit of looking back at scrapbooks and feeling stupid for the men I dated and the friends I had; I may have forgiven them but I still haven’t forgiven myself. I need to work on this and embrace the god times I had.  I made major process when I pulled out the scrapbook of my friend’s wedding. They aren’t together anymore and I was worried about it: how it would affect me and how it might affect her that I had it. But looking through it, it was a testament to the strong bonds of friendship with all but one photo focuses on celebrating her and our close group of friends. It was a love story- just not the one I thought it would be. It was ours. And friends shouldn’t be ashamed of their love stories.


 th3ajpys29We’ve got to let go of all our ghosts”

Send My Love- Adele

While the “Kids” goal is to forgive myself, this goal is to continue my healing process about those who hurt me. I have worked hard at forgiving others who have wronged me. I haven’t gotten to the point where I am actually wishing them well. I’m one step on forgiveness, apathy. I thought that was the end. But it’s not and I have to finish the process.

“I’m hanging on to the end of this rope”

Lonely Town- Brandon Flowers

It seems like I am always battling my depression. It’s not a constant but frequent enough. I am very frustrated to have to even add this in my goals. But when I have those episodes, I need to do better to pull myself out. You’ve seen goals before that help this: to write, to craft, to do things that make me happy. This year I am focusing on a better plan to deal when these episodes can’t be prevented (and this will always happened; that is the biggest struggle).

“Let it all go. Set it all free.”

The Veil- Peter Gabrielpeter-gabriel-the-veil

I am not myself very openly. I work in a place where I worry about what others think. I said I would give up on that a long time ago yet I worry about my job and how people won’t think I can do it because I don’t believe the same things they do. I watched Snowden and was upset with myself. This guy gave up a cushy job, great pay and a home in paradise to expose the truth, and I sit behind my computer and hide from portion of the world I know will judge me. I talk about integrity but I don’t always follow it. This is just simply not acceptable. This year I will lift the veil (slowly) and know that God is on my side.

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To be or Not To Be….Sincere ***DaniGee**

sincereSincere: sinˈsir/ (adj.) free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.

Happy Tuesday!!!!

My pastor has good sermons but his delivery can be a little lackluster. I’ve learned that if I listen to him and write notes that I get so much more from him. He said something that has stayed with me since last Sunday. He said,

nothing is more offensive to God and to man but to not be sincere.

This statement really got me thinking. What does it mean to be sincere? To me it means to be myself, no matter what the consequences are or what others may think of me. There were things that I thought I couldn’t share about myself because of what others would think of me. I thought that people would see me as being different. I’m learning now that being different is sometimes a qualification for one, really enjoying my life and feeling and being authentic. I feel like this past year I have truly been my sincere self. I have shared parts of my self to my closest friends and they never one batted an eye about being supportive of me.


How do you define sincere?

Keep Pushing,


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Why, Hello you-Renee

I am. Yes, that is a complete sentence. Everything, I think or experience is usually filtered through those two words.

I am strong. I am loving. I am…


I’ve focused more on shaping my world with my thoughts. My thoughts towards myself and those around me. The more I really focus on God and what I believe His purpose is for my life…things fall into place. The more I let go..the more things fall into place. I’ve spent the last week focused on selfcare, which has really changed how I interact with my children (and hubby) and how I treat my consumers at my new job.

I’ve made a few more food items this week, which I will share. And I have read every single day. Unfortunately, my Bible reading has fallen behind again…but I do read the Bible everyday. I am so excited to love my life again . I didn’t really how unhappy I was until..I shook off whatever it was holding me back. I.am.free


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Cooking and Christ -DaniGee

It’s Monday. What a Blessing that God saw fit to give us one more day to be in awe of his Greatness. I know it is also Monday. You may not be at the job that you feel is not seeing your potential or your children are not being perfect cherubs. Maybe you’re like me, waiting to get that 1 Million Dollar Check in the mail.😉. I am doing better at thanking God for my current situations and not worrying about if I’m doing the right or wrong thing. No matter what I’m going through, I do my best to give thanksgiving to God.

So, I hope you are intrigued by title. Are you? Intrigued? Did it make you go hmm??


So the picture above is from Sunday Breakfast. I made  Sweet Potato (with real sweet potatoes) Pancakes via http://thesouthernladycooks.com/2015/09/15/buttermilk-sweet-tater-pancakes/. They were delicious. The only thing that I would add to the recipe is about 1/4 more of buttermilk to make the batter a more pour-able.

So again, what does sweet potato pancakes have to doing living radically for Christ?  God has been working on me with fear and how I am  letting it stop me from living my life. I can see a great recipe on Pinterest which is where I found the one above but decide to not execute it because I am afraid that it won’t taste right or that no one in my family will like it. I recognize it that I was letting fear dictate what should  be a fun and learning experience. I decided to be like Nike and Just Do It! They turned out great. My mom and my brother both loved them and my mom even asked me to do them a regular basis. I want to expand this attitude to my DaniGee business.

I had already planned to write this blog earlier last week and going to church yesterday was a confirmation for me that I needed to make sure it gets written. The message was titled, “Children of God Being Strong in Spiritual Battle,” with 2 Chronicles 20:14-21 being the scriptures to study. One of his ending points really stuck with me:

Fear will never change any circumstances.

This week’s affirmation: I will not let fear dictate my life anymore.

Have a beautiful, blessed, and radical week.

Keep PUSHing,



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Year 6 Goals-Renee


Radical 7 year six! SIX people, that means one more year of radicalness..well technically not but it means that I have committed to something beyond myself with my girls for over half a decade! That’s huge. I think I made great progress last year and I am excited to see what God will do next.

Next year my focus is almost exclusively self care. I realize for the majority of my life I’ve had imbalances somewhere. This is my attempt to get back right.
1. Write to Heal. God allowed so many new interesting and inspiring people into my life this past year. One of those people is a woman named Salaam, she contacted me back in July and invited me to attend an event called Write to Heal and it changed my perspective on..well everything

*I will seek out events (like write to heal), that will cause me to really focus on myself.When I attend these events I am not worried about dinner, or homework with the kids. I get a chance to breathe and focus on renewing myself so I’m better for everyone around me.
2. Experience life- This year I got to go to Las Vegas with my hubby (our first alone trip in 4 years). I throughly enjoyed that, traveling opens you up and makes you feel alive. My goals for this are two-fold:
*Travel four times next year (two adult trips and two family trips)
*Doing something social at least once a month (by myself or with others)

3. Using my voice- I had two panic attacks last year because I wouldn’t say no. I wouldn’t say this isn’t right or fair. NEVER  again. Over the past month, I’ve talked more about my needs and wants than probably my entire life. My goal is to speak my needs every day.
4. Read for my life- read something every single day. Recycled goal from,gosh year 2 is to read the Bible in the year. I’ve downloaded the Kindle app to my phone and started a year Bible reading plan, so..hopefully I’ll do better on this goal.
5. Eat for my life -I’ve really altered how I eat and think about food the last two years. I’ve been experimenting making things from scratch. Not only is that healthier, but the sense of accomplishment is just awesome. My goal is to seek more vegetarian focused meals since we are still very meat centric. This will be a challenge because right now, I like 5 vegetables.

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Beginning of Year 6 **DaniGee**

I got the great opportunity to write year 6 goals with my bestie. I am always inspired by the strength of the ladies that God has allowed me to meet on this journey called Life. Some of my goals will be add on from previous years and some are completely new to push me out of my comfort zones. It is my prayer that I commit myself to be more transparent with my journey via blogging with Radical 7even. Honestly, it was our goal when we first started blogging but slowly I started to slack. Thank you for joining us on this Journey. I hope you enjoy our posts.image

Here’s to Year 6!

I’ve decided to not do 7 goals but create 5 goals on various parts of my life that I want God to move in.


o I have had many friends and family give me beautiful journals. I would write for a month of so but then it would get put down and not picked up, except for the random day. This year and part of 2015 I have done what I consider really well with journal. For the year of 2016, I written at least once a week for the past 6 months.
Use Journal Prompts via Pinterest Pins, Book Questions
Seek out Spiritual/Religious sermons and readings
Honesty Writing about my Day

o Mental Health is a subject that is not talked about enough in the minority community and sometimes with our closest friends. I want to shine a light on these issues
Do a weekly blog on my personal blog titled Wellness Wednesdays
Highlight wellness resources in the local community and nationwide
Being honest about my personal mental health issues and self care.

o I am believing in 2017 that I will be moving and in the last 2 years I have been doing better with paying my bills on time and I want to continue this trend by building up my savings as well as earning more income for traveling and extracurricular activities.
Be intentional with posting on my DaniGee’s blog and various social media Platforms.
Seek out webinars and informationals on how to make thrifting successful
Plan out writing sessions.

o In simple terms, I gotta do better.
Find a daily meditation
Dedicate 30 min in the morning with Bible Readings
Seek out what it means to be a Christian.

o I have been off the wagon too long. I hang on to the fact that I lost about 30 pounds but I realized that it has been about 10 years and it’s time to start again and continue the journey.
 Looking for more ways to eat healthier, i.e. smoothies and crockpot recipes.
 Being more intentional in exercising
 Joining health challenges

I am praying for an eventful radical year. Please pray for us.

Still PUSHing,


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Taking a Look Back–Year 5 DaniGee

Well, Let me just start off by saying that I sucked at blogging this year. Although, when I did blog, I would have to say it was a good post.

So, here  we are, we made it through another year with God’s grace and mercy. I would have to say as I look back through these goals and with every year I always seem to learn more about myself or achieve things that  I never thought about when creating my original rad7 goals.

Here’s how I graded myself this year:

Send 100 pieces of mail. This was a recycled goal from Year 4. I started out strong but soon dawdled off.  However, for me, I was able to ask a special question to special letters and that made it all worth it.  So instead of 100, I sent 18. So C+

Donate, advocate, and volunteer for an organization of my choosing. The organization that I chose was Aid to Inmate Mothers. I love this organization dearly. I have participated with this organization I would say yearly for almost 10 years. WOW, just realized it. This year, I along with my fellow rad7 donated school supplies and we plan on doing something for the women for Christmas. A++

Study the bible. I just can’t seem to get right. It is an ongoing struggle. D+

Develop my new thrifting business/learn more about business techniques. It is not a win but not really a lose either. I sold my first piece that wasn’t friend related about 2 weeks ago via Poshmark. Super happy about that. Fear keeps me from moving along with this dream but I am working on a business plan and will probably recycle this goal. C+

Cook at least 2 meals monthly. I would have to say that I did great on this goal and I even begun making smoothies.  A+

Network more and Gain my professional license.  I would have this say that this goal was a win, even though it may not look like it. I didn’t gain my license but I did get hired at another job as a sexual assault case manager where  networking is a big part of my success. Networking scares me but I push through it for the most part. I would give myself an A+.

Learn 2 healthy ways to handle my anxiety/stress without shutting down. This goal truly depends on the time of the day. Sometimes I feel like wonder woman and nothing can hurt my spirit and other times, the only times that get me out of bed is that fact that  I will be back in it, 8 hours later. I made the decision this year to ask my doctor for anxiety medication and I am proud of myself for doing so. It is a daily struggle but I won’t give up. I will recycle this goal but in a different way. A+


Cheers to Year 5 and looking forward to year 6.


Still PUSHing,


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