Pam’s First Entry

Hello people! My name is Pam. I am 33 and I believe the oldest sister in our group. I went from being a Navy brat to becoming an Air Force wife. My amazing husband and I fostered children for several years. We are currently working on our 7th and final adoption of special needs children. We have one biological daughter. That brings our total to 8 children, one of whom is grown and out on her own. My kids are a blessing and I thank God for them. It is an awesome responsibility to raise children. That being said, my needs fall by the wayside alot. This has taken a toll on me physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and educationally. That is not the kind of example that I want to set especially for my kids. For example, I recently lost my funding for school. I just could not do what I do at home and keep my GPA high enough. After praying about it I realized that this was not the area that God wanted me to concentrate on at this time. God shut that door for a reason and now He is opening another door. I am really motivated to be part of this Radical Seven project with these amazing women. Here are my 7 goals that I have set toward taking care of myself, so that I have the strength to be an effective witness.
1) God has blessed me with this body and I have been abusing it for several years. I am going to change the way I treat it physically and nutritionally.
2) I have not made time to read my Bible the way I should. Every day I want to make time for prayerful meditation and reading scripture.
3) I am deathly afraid of needles but I am going to give blood. I am a universal donor and I know I should not let fear stop me from doing something so important.
4) There are several people from my past who have spiritually influenced my life. I am going to write and let them know how they helped me.
5) I love nature. Now I am going to become an involved caretaker for the natural world where I live. I don’t want to take God’s creation for granted anymore.
6) I wish I had learned some of my dad’s carpentry skills when I was younger. He has agreed to teach me the basics and I will be using them in goal 5 also.
7) Find a way to fit in social time with other adults on a regular basis. This may actually be my most difficult to do because of my schedule. I feel that it is necessary for my sanity to be around people over three feet tall sometimes.
Thank you for reading this. I do not know what God is going to do, but I hope you will be blessed by our journey.

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