Danielle’s First Entry

Hey Hey!! My name is Danielle George. I am currently 25 years old with a Master’s in Counseling and a Bachelor’s in Psychology. I am the 9th of 10 children and the first out of my immediate family to go to college. I am currently in transistion-Where to??–Only God knows. That is my reason for doing the Radical 7even challenge, to discover my purpose or at least get an inkling. I am in need of a push and what better way to push that when doing it with my great support system of women. I ready for change (scared but ready). I would describe my 7 goals this year as being self-exploratory and getting me to a new level of independence.

My goals are as follows:

1. Lose 40 pounds by health eating and exercise

—this has been as goal of mine for a while and at one point I was very successful in losing 40 pounds but my motivaton has dwindled to near non existent.

2. Buy a car

–another dream of mine; I feel as if my job/career process has been hindered because of the lack of a vehicle even though I have become quite creative in getting to where I needed to go. This is a way to develop my independence and patience.

3. Conquer my sweets/desserts addiction

–okay so i Kinda like sweets, well not really like but LOVE and I know that I won’t completely stop eating them but if I could really learn to tame by sweet addiction that will go a long way in teaching me self control and denying temptation.

4. Decrease my total debt (not including students loans) by at least 30%

–Debt will not scare me!

5. Begin every morning and end every night with prayer and devotion.

–I noticed that when I truly take the time out to study the word and take out time for God, things begin to become calmer. I can’t expect God to bless me if I’m not obediant.

6. Do not buy myself anything NEW (clothing, jewelry, accessories).

–This goal is semi tied to my weight loss goal. I have clothes that I bought that I just knew I was gong to fit in as soon as I started losing weight and it just haven’t happened and also I want to be able to really learn how to revamp my outfits my mixmatching and using resources such as the thrift stores and consignment shops.

7. Read at least 25 books.

–I remember in high school, I discovered my love for reading and love the feeling of cracking open a new book and going into another world. Since graduating from college, my book reading have decreased significantly. So, this goal is to open my eyes to different worlds, different ways of thinking and really explore my interests.

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