But Lately I’ve Been Down Upon My Knees-Guest Blogger

For many years, I have been jealous of other Christians. Not for their homes or their families or their jobs. I was jealous because Faith seemed to come so easily. They Believed with all their hearts and had no doubts about that Faith. People would share their amazing stories; their miracles that truly solidified their beliefs. I wanted one of these moments: falling to your knees in prayer and feeling that Mighty connection. In my almost thirty years, I had never had one.

I should have been happy that I never had a situation so dire that I just fell to my knees. Family members have been sick. I’ve been through health issues, Prayers were abound and heartfelt. But it all took time and happened slowly. But recently I got my falling down to my knees wish.

I work for non-profit that has fallen on hard times. Most of them have in this economy. I am putting in more hours and picking up a heavier workload so we can keep going, but we still continue to struggle. One of my jobs is to make sure the minutes and agenda as well as food for the Board meeting are taken care of.  I get to be at many of the meetings. This has been helpful because I get to give my staff report personally and get to know the members.

At one of the meetings another staff member and I were asked to leave the room so they could discuss “salaries.” I was blind sided. In all of our budget and committee meetings this topic had never arisen. I was also surprised that it was handled at the beginning meeting and they clearly stated what they wanted to talk about. Usually they dismiss us at the end to discuss matter that staff does not need to be on. It felt almost callous to me.

I could not sit still. I had trouble breathing. I circled the lobby trying not to cry. I was too upset to even start a contingency plan. I was drawn to only One option.

I reached out and grabbed my co worker’s hand and asked her to pray with me. We prayed for the program. We prayed for the Board. We prayed for us. Afterwards, I felt nothing but Peace. I knew it was out of my hands, and that the results would be a Message. I had an Ally in this Crusade, and He would be with me and let me know what path my Journey would take.

When were asked to come back in, I went in with my head held high. We gave our staff reports and no one mentioned anything about the outcome. We were assured after the meeting that nothing would change. We would not receive bonuses but we were not having our salaries cut.

I could hardly keep myself from shouting “Hallelujah!” and dancing. When I got a moment, I said a private prayer of thanks. I knew then that this was my Moment; my Miracle to behold.

My goal is to keep this moment close so that any time I struggle with my Faith, I can recall this Miracle. Being able to recall the powerful felling of being heard and being touched helps me remember that I have a powerful story that can inspire others.

For any of you who are like me, that Miracle will come! Fill your heart with Desire for your Lord and don’t be afraid to ask for the things you need. He will speak to you and cradle you in his arms. Just keep seeking, and he will touch you.

 Peace, Love & Prayer


Holly Weitz works for a nonprofit in central Alabama. She loves animals and spends her time enjoying a variety of water sports.

  1. #1 by Renee on September 23, 2011 - 2:50 pm

    Beautiful Holly! Thank you for sharing ur story with us! We will pray for you and co workers! Keep us all updated. Be blessed

  2. #2 by Kelly Diane Cromer on September 23, 2011 - 3:32 pm

    Thank you for your guest blog Holly! I loved your story and will say a prayer for your job security! -Kelly

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