Confessions of a Worrywart ~Venus~

I’m a worrywart. I try my best not to worry but I end up worrying. I worry about my finances (thats one of the first things I worry about), my boyfriend’s health, and how I’m going to do certain things. I’m familiar w/ the scriptures about worrying (Matthew 6:25-34)  but I can’t stop my brain from worrying. I worry about my finances a lot because I live from paycheck to paycheck. I work a minimum wage job and I work my behind off!! Every time I turn around, I have to pay bills! I really don’t have time to enjoy my money because I’m either paying bills or paying for things I need. I also pay my tithes and offering (I take that out my check first). When I get done paying for those things, I hardly have any money left over for food. I ask my family to assist me w/ helping me w/ food. I try my best to pay everything on time and be responsible w/ my money but its frustrating when you always have to spend money!   There have been many times where I had to ask my family to help me w/ my bills because I don’t have enough money to pay for them. I’m just getting to the point where I’m just tired of struggling! I’m like LORD HOW MUCH LONGER DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS? I know that I’m not the only person in the world that are having financial issues and are having a rough time but I’m just kind of tired. Tired of being sick and tired!

I remember before I transferred to a new school, I didn’t have all these financial issues. I say from 2005 to the middle of 2008 I was fine financially. Then all of a sudden, I had a hard time finding a job. My first job when I transferred to my new school was seasonal, I still have that job (had it since 2008). Last yr in August, God blessed me w/ a more stable job but its minimum wage. I thought once I graduated from college (I graduated in May 2010), that I would automatically get a job in my field. Things didn’t happen that way. I remember last summer applying to a lot of jobs only to have 2 places respond back to me. I learned from applying to professional jobs that they want you to have at least 2 yrs of work experience. I wish someone would had told me that when I was in college!  Right now, I’m trying to look into places to volunteer at so I can get some work experience.

Another thing I worry about is my boyfriend. He has health issues (only a few ppl know exactly what the situation is). Sometimes he gets very sick and I worry how he is doing a regular basis. On top of that, I’m involved in a few projects and I’m wondering how to get them off the ground. I also worry about how I’m going to get my driver license since my learner’s license expires next yr in February. Once that expires, I will have to start all over (as in take the road test) which I don’t want to do.  The problem is I don’t have really to many people to help me w/ my driving skills. Some people that I have asked said they would help me but they never come through..So I’m between a rock and a hard place. I know I need to stop worrying as much as I do because I know its not good for me. I tend to worry the most around the time my bills are due and when I receive my paycheck. Please keep me in your prayers and please share some scriptures w/ me so I can look at them!!! Be blessed!


  1. #1 by Renee on September 23, 2011 - 3:00 pm

    Girl! I totally understand worrying its the first thing I do! But as part of my radical 7even I am making myself look at things positively. Maybe God touches things in our lives to keep us more connected to Him. Maybe once ur bf is healed the story will bring glory to God like the woman with issues of blood. The devil wants to break u…stand strong on His Word. Love u!

  2. #2 by Kelly Diane Cromer on September 23, 2011 - 3:36 pm

    I’ve been saying a certain prayer to help me through when I catch myself worrying. I also do the breath in the good, and breath out the bad relaxation technique whenever I get close to feeling overwhelmed. Find your little tricks and practice them religiously until they become habits. God has given you the brain power to create good ‘habits’ with work. Don’t sell yourself short. You don’t have to worry forever sweets. Much love! -Kelly

  3. #3 by Danielle on September 25, 2011 - 11:49 pm

    I think we all.understand the worrying…I can myself literally sick to my stomach when I worry. The crazy thing is that I feel such happiness when the task is over but He wants us to bypass all the worry and get to the happiness. Being afraid isn’t going to help the situation but staying prayed up will!! Love u hun!!

  4. #4 by Venus on October 1, 2011 - 10:47 pm

    So I know I’m late w/ responding but I appreciate ya’ll comments! Renee, I have to memorize scriptures that will combat worry! So when I have my “worry” thoughts they can be knocked out! lol! My boyfriend’s health issues has really helped me to stay on my face in prayer. I’ll be so glad when he is healed! Yes, the devil has been at me! Keep me in prayer (as the rest of you ladies)! To Kels: I will definitely be trying to find ways to relax more and not worry so much! Thanks so much for the advice! To Dani: I understand how you feel once a task is over..You be like I’m done with it, now I don’t have to worry about it. lol! Yes, I have to stay prayed up! LOVE YOU LADIES!! ~Venus~

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