Gem’s Progress Report

One thing that I love about being part of the Radical7even journey is the accountability factor. I am more conscious of my behaviors and I am definitely more inclined to try to do things differently. Of course there have been ups and downs but I am proud that I am still pushing and determined to finish strong. So here are the upates on my goals.

1)Better manage my stress level/anxiety and need for control- I am definitely calmer than I was 5 weeks ago. I can attribute that to a great deal of “self talk”. I have a consistent internal dialogue in my head, primarily consisting of whatever I can think of to remind myself that things will be ok and it’s not the end of the world. For some people this is easy but for me it’s a minute by minute challenge but I’m taking it in stride and definitely feeling less overwhelmed. I am also journaling alot more. Sometimes I just jot down a random thought that comes to mind.

2) Be more open to change-this will be an ongoing process for me. So many things have changed over the past couple months and I am still adjusting. I remind myself to try to stay in the moment. It is what it is and it ain’t what it ain’t :-). What God has in store for us at any given moment will be ours.

3)Exploring alternative methods to improving health- Currently I am on no prescribed medication for pain management. I do deep breathing sometimes. I am also taking a highly recommended combination of supplements that neurologists and other headache specialists use as alternative migraine meds. High dose of Vitamin B2, Magnesium and Feverfew. It is recommended that you give the supplements 90 days to fully be in your system. It has been almost a month ,I will definitely give it a chance. I have tried and been patient with many other meds in the past that would knock a linebacker out, so I can be patient and see how this goes.

4) Reaching out to other people- I am an insanely private person so just by participating in this blog I think I have come along way with reaching out. Also I don’t have the need to act like eveything is perfect in my life. So I’m ok with admitting that I had a rough day or I am stressed.

5) Paying off credit cards- As soon as my financial situation improves this is definitely on top of my list.

6)My own place- same as above, lol

7) Widen my palette- I have not done such a great job on this because I am just cooking the things that I know how to cook. I think that when I am no longer sharing a kitchen I will feel more comfortable experiencing. This is probably just a weird hang up that I am having but I hope to report some new dishes that I have made/tried in the coming weeks. Oh, I made meatloaf with ground turkey instead of ground beef.In my mind- Epic fail. It looked good but tasted gross to me. My relatives that it was awesome though. Also I eat oranges now( The only fruits I eat are apples,pineapple,watermelon and grapes) So I will say a little progress here, right?

Also I forgot to mention this but I went to see Joyce Meyer live two weeks ago! I am a huge Joyce Meyer fan, I watch her on TV daily , read her devotions and listen to her itunes podcasts. It was really nice to actually be in the same space and listen to the sermon live. That is something that I definitely would not ordinarily do. The devil was really trying to stop me too! That morning I woke up feeling like crap on a stick, I was in a lot of pain the night before and prayed that it would subside by morning but it didn’t. I had not gotten much rest either but I kept telling myself  “step out of your comfort zone”. So it was challenging. I got lost on the way there too. But I made it and it was nice.

I wanted to recommend that if you are feeling overwhelmed stop whatever it is that you are doing and take a couple deep breaths in and out. Be aware of the space that you are in. Get in touch with all your senses, very slowly. What can you hear and smell? Visualize something peaceful. What do you see? Be present. Invite God into the moment. Ask him to provide clarity, ask him for peace. Sometimes this helps to slow things down in your mind. The moment that just passed you can’t get back, the moment that is to come, you can’t control. Now…is what you have. Think about now.

One day at a time


  1. #1 by renee on October 16, 2011 - 10:35 am

    Amen Gem! Im soooooooo proud of you. You have no idea! You have really stepped out! Im glad u got to see joyce ive always wanted to as well so im impressed u let nothing stop you!! Good for you Gem. Love u

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