Give Me Peace ~Venus~

This morning, I had an argument w/ my roommates about freezer space…pretty intense situation.  I just got groceries today by my mom. Today wasn’t the first time we argued about this situation. For those that know me, know the situation. After arguing w/ them, the peace I had was shattered and I became upset. I prayed about the situation and shortly after I prayed, a solution was made from one of my roommates on  to do about the situation. I’m glad that we able to talk about the solution and other things that were going in the house..I really hate conflict and arguing w/ people. I’m usually the peacemaker..It seems like the past few weeks, I’ve been tested.

A few weeks ago, I had an argument w/ my roommates about this same situation. Also, my sorority has been under attack lately spiritually (I’m a member of a Christian Sorority). I’m at the point now, I’m just tired of going through..Better yet being tested/attacked. I’m like can I PLEASE GET SOME PEACE!!!!! It seems like every time I get peace, a situation happens where my peace and joy is taken away. After the argument today, my day has been in a damper. I just want my roommates and I to get along and have peace in our household. I moved out my last apt because things gotten really bad between my roommates and I..I had no peace living in that apt. So, I be darned if the enemy try to attack me in this apt I been living in for about a yr! Please keep me and my household in your prayers! Much love!

P.S. I find it funny that I got a devotional today talking about peace. God always know what I need!


  1. #1 by renee on October 16, 2011 - 10:27 am

    Sometimes I think some conflict arises to see how you handle it. If you dont handle it right then the same test comes around again. Maybe this situation with the new roommates is to see if you learned anything from the conflict with the old..idk but ive learned/am learning to really work on isolating incidents. Let the conflict settle ya know theres a season for everything. I got mad the other week and I was mad for two days! Everytime I thought about it I relived it…totally stealing my joy. But thats what the devil wants. U gotta learn to start shaking it off…i remember reading the incidents of paul; shipwreack,hungry,imprisoned,beaten etc etc yet he still had joy! Remember silas and paul sang unto God in prison after being beaten!! Through that the saved and influenced a guard and his whole household!! Just keep that in mind as you go through! Im trying the same thing! Love ya

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