Back to the basics… *~*Kelly*~*

I tend to use any form of communication available as a platform for the most interesting topic on my mind (in my opinion). For this post I’m going to slow down and go back to the basics in term of a) my 7 goals, and b) my ‘radical’ moment this week.

Social goal: I’ve still done nothing to help the homeless in my community. To be honest I forgot that this was one of my goals. I am going to research local nonprofits that help the homeless. I think working with a charity to help them help the homeless might have more of an impact than branching off on my own.

Emotional goal: This goal has been met. The anxiety I wanted to reduce was all related to the transition of moving to Tampa and the possibility that I just wouldn’t be able to cut it. Now that I’ve put in some hard work, I see that I am more than capable. I just have to keep pushing!

Spiritual goal: I am making good progress with this goal. I feel more spiritual congruence now than I did before. At the time that I made this goal I was experiencing a lot of pressure from my family and some ‘friends’ to believe the way they do on certain topics. Specifically they don’t respect my tolerance for people who love the same gender. In a world at such a deficit for love, I don’t care what the naysayers tell me. I support love–period. My spirit is at peace with that after prayerful consideration and in depth Bible study. If that makes other uncomfortable, frankly it sounds like a personal problem. I looked to Jesus and he said nothing in the Bible about homosexuality. Paul did, but he is not Jesus. The 10 commandments also don’t mention homosexuality. If God meant for this to be as hotly debated a topic as it currently is, I think Jesus’ many teachings in the Gospels would have mentioned it. Praise God! Moving on lol.

Environmental goal: Success! I recycle all of my soda cans and bottles now, and most of my soup/veggie cans. It’s easy once you get into the habit. I encourage everyone to recycle something on a regular basis.

Occupational goal: My thesis is almost done. I expect to defend it in early to mid-November. As far as publications go, I plan to have my first manuscript ready by the end of Christmas break. Wish me luck!

Intellectual goal: I’ve been slacking on this one. Finding the time to learn anything not required in my classes or related to my writing is very, very difficult. I’m not sure if this goal is even feasible at the moment. I may have to postpone this one to a less hectic year.

Physical goal: This is another goal that I forgot–conveniently. It’s important to look back through your goals just to remind yourself what they are lol. I have been walking and generally rushing around a lot. As far as planned exercise–this goal is a FAIL thus far. 😛

Okay so all in all with the goals I give myself a B-. I’ll try and have them looking much better by January.

Radical moment: This week I pushed forward with writing a grant for 5,000. The people that I look up to (my lab mate and adviser) seemed to not have much faith that we could get it done considering we had little time to write it. Usually I will follow their lead on any decision, but this one I really had to push for myself. Another student who is involved in the project and myself spend many long hours writing this grant. We all pitched in, but this was a big deal for that student and I because we’re pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole. However, I can safely say that grant would not have been submitted Friday if it weren’t for our exhaustive effort and our begging to not scrap the project lol. If we do get that 5,000, I can say they wouldn’t have done it without me. That feels good. 🙂 It was intimidating, but I pushed through. That’s radical right? Lol in a really nerdy way.

Well I guess I’ll stop writing now. I love my girls very much. Best wishes to all who read this!


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