I Can Teach You How To Be A Better You~Renee`

I am a sucka for a good book. I love to read, I love anything that makes me think of things in a new way and I definitely love challenging myself. So one of my favorite type of books to read are inspirational/self-help books. I love hearing positive things and even more importantly I love having a “cheerleader” in my corner. And these are experts right? They are being successful so they to can tell me how to be successful as well, right????

Here’s what God has been really dealing with me on (this is my follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit goal), why do I keep going to books and television shows instead of asking Him what He would have me to do…asking the Holy Spirit to help me not gossip,lie, get organized etc. etc. Why am I asking another faulty person how and why I should choose certain paths? I am not saying that you should never read those books, but I think it’s more important to have a real sit down conversation with the Author of your Life. He knows exactly how and why He created you and for what purpose. He doesn’t just make great “suggestions” He 100% knows EXACTLY what your purpose is AND how to obtain it. I have spent the last few days reading a devotion on Faithfulness. The devotion asks some very poigninat questions such as: what is your life, your walk with Christ what legacy is that living for others. This can’t be determined by trying to follow someone else’s formula of success. God is not limited by your circumstance, the mistakes you made or your lack of skill and ability..HE is limited by your FAITH. If you can’t believe it, God will not do it. This Christian journey is a partnership, our part is to believe and trust, His part is to deliver on whatever promises He has placed in your spirit.

What happens for me, is I get so  caught up in every day worries that I stop really seeking God and figuring out what exactly is He trying to teach me. Every single day is a lesson. It might be a lesson in mercy or forgiveness (better yet on receiving mercy and forgiveness) or patience. If we are so caught up listening to certain experts it can take away from what God is actually telling us to do. The reason those experts are experts is because they didn’t use a book as their guide for life.Don’t get me wrong I am often inspired when I read books about people who do amazing things despite  incredible odds, but that’s their life. It can be used to encourage but not as a template.

The second poignant question brought up was: are you praising God for all the blessings He will do for you in your life? All the blessings and promises He has made that you haven’t seen yet. This was powerful to me. am I worried when things don’t work out how I planned or am I praising God for what He has promised. Whatever is good and in my best interest is already mine. When Jesus said, “it is finished” it means everything is done. Every battle won, everything is done. We have fullness and wholeness in what sacrifice He already made. If He can conquer the grave what is (fill in the blank here) to God. Nothing is too hard for Him..nothing.  Whatever dream, aspiration, desire you have big or small..that is not..i repeat not to hard for Him to bring to fruition.  God can teach you how to succeed in Life, His way..if you just trust that whatever He is giving you…He is capable of doing.

Following the Author of My Faith,


  1. #1 by gem on December 2, 2011 - 7:04 pm

    This gave me chills! I can literally “hear” you as I read this. Vey powerful, truthful message girl.

  2. #2 by radical7even on December 2, 2011 - 9:50 pm

    Love it!

  3. #3 by Kelly Diane Cromer on December 2, 2011 - 11:28 pm

    I’m asking myself that second question and not liking the answer lol. I have an ‘I’ll get through whatever’ attitude, but it’s definitely not been a ‘thanks in advance’ attitude. You raised good points girl.

  4. #4 by renee on December 2, 2011 - 11:59 pm

    Hey lovely ladies! Thanks sooo much for the positive feed back! 🙂 im trying to learn to really believe the Word..there are sooo many promises in the Bible and God cant lie..if He said it, it will happed

  5. #5 by danielle on December 3, 2011 - 1:30 am

    Girl, that was some real insight!! I set have to get back to not letting the natural block me from God’s blessings!!

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