Lately, God has really been reaching out to me about leadership, being faithful and standing firm. He lead me to II chronicles 32 about hezekiah standing firm and how God delivered His people from the king Sennacherib. Its a pretty incredible story…if you have time I encourage you to read it. I realize that I spend a lot of time plugged into facebook, cnn, youtube etc etc but not so much into the word of God. I check my cell a million times in the day to see who sent a text, called, wrote xyz on facebook…I’m all about being in the know….but what exactly do I know. If I find out about another celebrity having a baby..will that put me one step closer to heaven…probably not. All the must have newest of the new…its all gimicks distractions from having true deep meaningful relationships. Think of your facebook friends right now…how many of them genuinely care about what’s going on in your life (or do they just like to be nosey and know what’s going on) conversely how many of them do you care about? I realize that technology is a tool…but what was once used to connect us has now seperated us.. we all multitask to the max meaning we do a million things at once about half as good as we could do them because we are distracted. The Holy Spirit has prompted me to really unplug. Stop checking updates of things every hour. Actually have a specific time of no phone time. It helped me to really focus on my son, and we were able to read three books instead of our normal one a day. Daniel has rarely seen my face or hands without my cell phone attached to it…is this what I want ? Is this what I want my life to be…digital overload with few actual real life experiences…in order to have a relationship like King Hezekiah we must stand firm…but what are we actually standing on? If I’m not cultivating real personal relationships with Christ, family and friends what does my life mean? My radical 7even journey is about getting out of my comfort zone and really experiencing life. Unplugging is my first step…..

Falling of the grid



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  1. #1 by Kelly Diane Cromer on December 16, 2011 - 5:17 am

    I completely agree. I am plugged in all the time. If I am awake, I am usually never far from my laptop. I feel like sometimes watching adventurous tv shows or movies makes people complacent about actually seeking adventure in their own lives. You have excellent leadership skills and even more potential. I can see how God designed you for a leadership purpose. Get it girl!

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