Fear/Procrastination ~Venus~

Fear and procrastination are two things that I have a hard time dealing with.  They can be a hindrance to a person moving forward. When I get the guts to do anything positive fear usually kicks in. Negative thoughts usually come to mind. “Oh you can’ t do that, what if this or that happens.” I think sometimes I can be my worst enemy. I know that to get over fear I just have to the very thing  or things that I fear..I know that if I do whatever is  that I feared, my fear will be conquered and I can say that I was silly for fearing in the first place. I have projects that I put on the back burner because of lack of time and fear. I will now decide to pick those things back up.

Procrastination is another thing I deal with. When I was in college, I learned the hard way on waiting to the last minute on working on my assignments..it usually ended up with me not getting a good grade..lol..I learned then to do my assignments early so I could get better grades. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge procrastinator, but I can be a procrastinator at times and be lazy. Sometimes I have the thought of  “oh I can do it later”. I know if I keep putting off things, then I will never get to them. So again, I’m deciding put those things that I decided to put off, to finally do! I think my new motto is “just do it” with fear and procrastination! Wish me well w/ dealing with these things!! God Bless!


P.S. I hope this note made sense..lol..My eyes are a little tired due to me sleeping majority of my day away lol..

  1. #1 by Kelly Diane Cromer on December 16, 2011 - 5:11 am

    I wish you well with eliminating the back burner. 😀

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