I Do Declare~Renee`

“I Do Declare” is one of the quintessential Southern Belle comments in almost every movie depicting a Lady in her bonnet sitting comfortably in a ruffled dress.  You probably don’t get the visual image of a soldier, one standing in the gap for her loved ones, but more so a damsel in distress. But I am here in 2012 and I am here to DECLARE something this year not just for myself, but for my family (friends are included). Everyone always talks about the previous year when a new year begins. “I will not…..over eat, over spend, procrastinate, over work etc etc” yet we tend to fall so easily back into our old habits, are we really that lazy? No.  We are creatures of habit, it takes real effort,force and will to change you from one way of thinking to another. It takes effort that most of us (if we are honest) don’t have the time to invest in..or do we? Should we not invest in ourselves? The God above sent His only Begotten Son down here on this planet to die for our sins (investment), how could we do any less?? Christians should look, act, feel, believe and speak differently from non-believers. If no one knows you’re a believer something is wrong..they might not be able to pin point exactly what it is about you..but they should know that you are different. You handle stressors, difficult people, tragedy different than the world. We have HOPE. I didn’t understand that until I really begin respecting my alone time with God. He has been revealing things to me in this year (because I have diligently been seeking Him in prayer and fasting) and I am feeling very powerful. Not because I have any power, but because I know that God does.. ok now that I have my little intro out of the way I will state what I DECLARE for this year.

I Declare……..

  • Reconciled relationships (those I feel lead to reestablish)
  • Financial literacy/Wisdom
  • Spiritual Renewal
  • Mental Growth
  • Emotional Maturity and stability

I have steps to each one of these areas and some are a bit personal, but I will say there are people in my family that I have not talked to in 11 years ( I am only 25). there was an incident that occurred that hurt me deeply and I completely shut that relationship down. I have been in prayer about a lot of things and God lead me to these individuals. I have never had a desire to ever see or speak to them again until recently. Now this is not something that everyone should do. Only do what GOD tells you to do and not man, because He has a purpose, they might have an agenda. But now that my son is getting older I would like for him to know more of our family, but with certain (and firm) boundaries set in place. I cannot believe that God is actually asking me to do this. I was shocked and immediately dismissed it the first time it came around (yeah not the greatest idea). But I’ma be honest I don’t do reconciliation, when I am done I am done for a reason. But I think the main issue here isn’t so much the relationship it’s the forgiveness aspect of it all. I don’t know that I ever truly forgave them for everything and it’s caused some great bitterness towards them for quite sometime. So even if the relationship is never reestablished I still have to be respectful and forgive them. I am currently working on the forgiveness aspect, so when I actually do see them face to face I can have peace and not anxiety over this issue.

I have a big issue with overspending when it comes to food. I love food. Grab a meal with girls, laughs, jokes food..perfect night for me. this is terrible because I have recently discovered my love for baking and cooking, but that seems so solo that I would rather be in the hustle and bustle of a restaurant laughing being in the presence of others Also, with me no longer dating I don’t get free meals!!! Oh the shame of it all! LOL. But I do know if a guy used to mention food I was always there..I earned a nickname that i’d rather not state, but the enticement of food always made me say yes..even to one of the most lame guys, but I digress. Maybe it’s because I work 40 hours a week, take two classes a semester and try to spend as much QT with my son that I really don’t do fun-fun things out of the house. So eating out with my girls..is my out and about time. But I have got to get a handle on that. I can easily spend 90 dollars a month on eating out (and that’s on the low end). I am always surprised by how much money I’ve just blown on a meal gone in 20 mins. SMH SO instead I am going to start investing my nest egg of food funds into something more meaningful like my IRA, or planning a major trip with the girls. Everytime i have the urge to eat out (and not for like fun special occasions) I will go to my checking account and take that money and put it into savings. I think it will help me realize how much I could be saving each month that I let slip through my fingers.

Health- I have got to start eating better. Because I have always been thin I’ve never paid attention to the food that I eat. If it looks good, I eat. I don’t count calories, look at fat content. I look at price LOL that’s the only thing (besides me following Levitical dietary laws) that will stop me from eating LOL. BUT that means that Daniel might be eating unhealthy things that could affect his overall being..and that scares me. So I am looking to get he and I more active and eating better.

Spiritually- I’ve decided to fast each month this year. It might be from food, Facebook, phone conversations, going out..whatever I feel lead to dothen I am going to cut it out. I started a 21-day fast in December and I am on day 19, which is huge because  I have follow through issues. I have also been fasting from food for one week to pray for Starla, which ends today. I haven’t been listening to secular music (unless I am in the car with my girls) and I have tried to keep my mind clear. I think for the next fast I will meditate on a scripture that has something to do with what I am asking God to do

Mentally- I have made a plan to not procrastinate this year (again) and have designated reading times for each class. I will also attempt to read more non class related books this year as well. My goal is to finish two books a semester.

Emotionally- Just let God take control of my fear, anxiety or worry that comes. being a recovering perfectionist I am always on guard about something not being just right. Which causes undue stress. So just allowing God to take my yoke.

And that’s all folks!




  1. #1 by Venus on January 14, 2012 - 5:06 am

    Hey Nee!! I know that forgiveness is hard! Especially when ppl as close as family has hurt you deeply. Its hard to relive the moments of hurt when you have to talk to ppl that hurt you. I’ll be praying for you! Kudos to you to recognize you overspend and coming up w/ a solution! I understand the eating situation..lol..I usually don’t care what I eat, as long as I eat! lol! It seems like your effort into your goals are going well and are on the right track!

  2. #2 by radical7even on January 15, 2012 - 4:14 am

    I’m proud of and inspired by your spiritual journey. 🙂 I love reading your posts. -Kelly

  3. #3 by radical7even on January 16, 2012 - 8:28 pm

    Love yoru declrarations! It sounds so stong! (because it is). Good luck with them all! 🙂

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