When the past comes a calling..hang up~Renee`

Radical Moment: So, my little man left mommy for the very first time and ventured out into the world with his dad…for an entire weekend…I thought I was going to die LOL. He and I have never been apart more than 8 hours or so, give or take an hour or two on days I work and have classes. But my little man is ALWAYS home with me. Not only did this happen..I suggested it and that is radical.As everyone knows I love my baby to death. I was a wreck the first time I left him with a babysitter and straight boo hoo cried his first day at daycare (see I am the emotional one of the group). But it’s a huge responsibility to leave your child with someone else..even if you’ve known that person for years..no one will ever be like you are to your child. No one. But I’ve been fasting and praying and I felt God lead me to suggest that maybe it was time for little man to venture…without me. I was lost the entire time. My schedule has revolved around this little person for the past 18 months. I know when I can go out, when to come home for his nap, how many diapers I need to shove in my purse for the outing..did I bring extra juice for his cup? So when I don’t have him…I am a lighter load, but it was still very awkward. My baby came back in one piece LOL (I knew he would) he actually seemed to have a really good time.  I think we both learned that maybe just maybe mommy can release the reins just a tiny bit 🙂


Now onto my blog. I have made a conscious effort to be more aware about who I let pour into my life, I have been examining my relationships to see which ones are harmful and which ones are beneficial (which I think everyone should do from time to time). And since I have decided to move forward in a positive direction I have been hit by several..shall we say old “flames” trying to reignite something. Now here’s the deal. I believe that a person in your past is there for a very good reason, I also believe whenever you are about to be elevated various things (people/emotions/tests) will arise. Now if this had happened once..or twice I could blow it off as a coincidence. But since this year has started (we are only on day 17) I have had about…hm…5 people from my past make it known they would like to be in my present… weird! I mean the moment I am like nope.. I am going to sit back, chill, get myself right..people come out of the woodwork. Which is fine, but I also have the right to ask that individual to pump their breaks, back it up like a U-Haul truck and not entertain their desire. Here’s the thing, I am intentional about trying to get things to work while I am in that situation (regardless of whether it’s a friendship,romantic relationship or business endeavor) I pray about all things. And if I feel lead to keep stepping, that’ exactly what I do. God will open up doors for me, even if someone else decides they want to block me..you can’t. God has the final say so. So while some think, “she can’t do better than what I am offering” I would like to differ. What God has for me, is for me. What God has for you is for YOU. No one can stop that, except you. If you choose to entertain certain thoughts,emotions or relationships that GOD has told you to step away from..you are blocking your own blessing. If you have to lie,steal, sneak, or kill to get it..guess what..that thing that you want..it’s not for you!!!

What God has for you will be given to you free and clear. Whenever we do something outside of that..the burden can feel like it is too much to bear. this blog is not meant to sound self-righteous or make individuals upset it’s simply to say that I am ready for what God has for me..or at least preparing for that and the cost is way to high to be side tracked. Stay focused. And if need be, when the past comes calling, hang up 🙂


*click* Dial tone….


  1. #1 by radical7even on January 17, 2012 - 6:34 pm

    I have had issues with the forgie and forget policy. It usually comes down to forgeting the person entirely and not th eact that angered me. I try to keep a positive outlook, because you are right, they were there for a reason. I appluad you on the tough decisions you have to make about keeping the past, the past. I also appluad you with letting Daniel go with his dad for a weekend, on many different levels. Keep being strong and keep praying!

  2. #2 by radical7even on January 22, 2012 - 1:23 pm

    thanks hun! I am trying to stretch myself and grow. Before I believed in second chances (to a certain degree I do) but if the person mistreated you or lied to you (by omission or outright) I feel those relationships should stay broken (unless otherwise guided by the Holy Spirit). What some try to do is play on the “if you were a true Christian you would forgive me”. Forgiveness doesn’t always equl reconcilliation and that’s what I’m learning

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