Cultivate what you intend to share… *Kelly

Prayerful meditation…

I always liked the idea, but until I moved to Crestview I didn’t have the time. I’m able now to focus on parts of my life that I had previously neglected. The way I talk you would think that my schedule isn’t busy at all now. It’s just that compared to grad school, a 40 hr. a week job is a pretty sweet deal. That means I have a few hours a day to spend as I please AND a weekend. 🙂 I say spend because time is precious currency… to be invested or squandered as we decide… intentionally or unintentionally.

Lately I’ve been going through emotionally blissful times and challenging times with the pregnancy, the new job, and figuring out family life. I always want to use my influence, whatever I have control over, to make situations better. I just realized through increasing my prayer life that we have to center ourselves internally before we can have a positive effect on the world around us. We have to develop the characteristics inside of ourselves that we want to help instill in our work, home lives, etc.

Prayer has been a wonderful way for me to achieve calm, patience and discernment personally over the past month or so. When I feel negativity setting in, I’ve made an effort to pray in a private place until I feel some relief. I make sure not to pray for what I think is the best outcome. I just pray for God’s will and for Him to give me what I need internally to enjoy life.

I know the repetition of my prayer is not for God’s benefit. He hears me the first time I say something, and He knows what is in my heart. The repetition is for me to contemplate and feel the results of my prayer. I pray sometimes for God to calm my heart. I pray for His peace that passes all understanding. I pray for Him to see my weaknesses and heal them so that I can be strong in the ways He wills. I pray for discernment so that I can understand what my purpose is and to identify the wisest decisions I can make.

I pray similar prayers and many more for my friends and family as well. I may spend a few minutes on one person and twenty on the next. It just depends on what I feel needs to be said. I spend more time where I feel it is necessary. I hope these prayers will have a positive impact on the people I pray for even though I don’t tell them that I am praying.

I am sharing this in hopes that other people may benefit from increasing their prayer lives as well. Prayer is a very personal experience. I wouldn’t share this if it weren’t that the experiences I shared have greatly improved my ability to calmly approach life with peace and assurance. I feel a peace now that was missing when I didn’t make time for prayer.

I would love to hear from you guys about what prayer ‘techniques’ have been beneficial for you. I see prayer as not just an action, but as another one of life’s journeys. I hope we all continue to learn about it as we grow older. Much love until next time.

  1. #1 by radical7even on January 30, 2012 - 8:20 pm

    I feel that prayers help even when the person youir’e praying for dosen’t know. I don’t think our prayers get old. Each time we pray even for the same situation, or person just builds more that we are coming to him. I feel like I am saying, “this is bothering me still and I am going to keep gviing it to youi till it dosen’t.” I’ve chanted prayers before. (I did on Saturday when my coworker was taking her test). It made me feel better because it was I could do: give to God.

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