Great Opportunity, Not Right Time ~Venus~

Yesterday, I volunteered at WHMC as a receptionist. While I was there I learned of a position that was available. The position was an Administrative Assistant. Once I opened my mouth saying that I would apply for the position, another volunteer  “Rose” who was also volunteering as a receptionist became in my eyes negative. She was saying things like I wouldn’t apply for that position, it has too many duties, and yada yada. Rose told me some of duties of the job such as bookkeeping, making bank deposits,  and sometimes taking over the job of the receptionist etc. She then told me that the pay wouldn’t be great being that the agency is a ministry.  An employee of WHMC also told me some more of the duties of the position (some of things included accounting, data entry, and speaking at various places). The employee also mentioned that job would pay how a ministry would pay and a person would get paid based on experience (so I’m assuming the pay would be somewhere between $8-$15) . I wasn’t going to let what Rose told me deter me from the opportunity.

Later on in the day, I began to weigh my pros and cons of the position. One of the first things I thought of was transportation. If I applied for the position, would I be able to go to the bank to make deposits and travel for speaking engagements? My answer would be no because I don’t have a car. I mainly rely on the transit to get to and from.  So I decided that I wasn’t going to apply for the position. The last thing I would want to do is apply for a job that I know that I can’t do right now. So for now, I have to pass up the opportunity. I’m not focused on money..I just want experience. If I had a car or reliable transportation I would had applied. I would had still had kept my primary job for something on the side if I would got accepted for the position.

Going back to money, I’m not the kind of person that want to get paid a whole heap of money for a job.  I want to get paid more than minimum wage. So I would want to make at least $10 a hr or more if also want to enjoy/love my job.  I would prefer a job in my field. I just want to make enough money to take care of my responsibilities and to get the things I need. If I had that, I would be good. At least that’s how I view things for now..I hoping in the future or soon, I’ll be able to start a career in my field!  One day, be married and start a family of my own! =) God bless!! ~Venus~

  1. #1 by Kelly Diane Cromer on February 7, 2012 - 1:51 am

    Here’s hoping all your dreams come true in due time. Remember to pray for guidance in these types of situations too so you won’t be deterred by circumstances that seem like obstacles you can’t overcome. Love you girly!

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