The Goal of Dating… epic fail

So, there is one topic I have been avoiding. Dating… It was one of my original rad7 goals… You know… for me to be open minded about dating and getting out there. This goal I failed. F+++. Lol. One guy I talk to was a sweetheart. He seemed to have his life together, and he was a total gentleman. He is the type guy you settle down with.. you know, bring home to show mom and them. I realized that I am NO WHERE NEAR where he is in life. I have a lot of growing up to do when it comes to this whole being a responsible adult. To be honest, I have a list of things I NEED to do before I even consider settling down. But meeting him was a blessing, because it reassured me that there are still some good men out there… But I also learned where I personally stand in life. Marriage and kids is not a part of the plan right now. Which led me to think that I could casually date… Epic fail!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! (Emphasis intended)

Casually dating is really a waste of time. Seriously, it is. I won’t elaborate… So, I have come to the conclusion that the goal of dating will be a goal I choose not to accomplish… Unless God intervenes, but me and God have talked about this and this time I will get me way! Dating is definitely not a priorities anymore. Maybe I will try it next year… Or two years from now.

Gotta go.

  1. #1 by radical7even on February 8, 2012 - 5:03 am

    The thing about a journey is that it is full of change. I just want to say that you are a quality woman. Any good man would be blessed to have you in his life when the timing is right for you. When it is, I am sure God will send you someone wonderful. Love you. Pam

  2. #2 by radical7even on February 9, 2012 - 4:34 pm

    …. So…………
    This is interesting…….

  3. #3 by Audrey on February 10, 2012 - 3:34 pm

    As someone who has one the similiar goals, I have not done well with moving forward with it. But I have rcently started working from the ground up. I have started with myself and my relationship with God and starting to truly let him be in control. So I haven’t gotten to the things I set out in my goal with regards to a romatic relationship. Because that’s ok; love akes time. You will be ready when you’re suppose to be.

  4. #4 by radical7even on February 12, 2012 - 10:27 pm

    It could have been that, if nothing else, it allowed you to realize it wasn’t for you.~~Danielle

  5. #5 by radical7even on February 13, 2012 - 12:29 am

    I’m proud of you Bey. I look back and agree that casual dating (for me at least) was pointless. When I found Nathan none of the other dating I did had helped me get there. In fact, little habits I had like picking fights started out of bad relationships. Nathan had much less dating experience, but he had to teach me how to be loving and kind because it didn’t come naturally to me anymore. I had been in the ‘game’ too long. It’s better sometimes and for some people to wait and get other areas of their lives figured out first. Whoever you end up giving your heart to is a lucky guy for sure. Love you much. -Kels

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