My Week ~Venus~

Hello everyone!! I don’t have much to say for this week. My week has been ok. Work has been busy yet slow. I closed 2 nights in a row..Wednesday and Thursday..Closing is not fun!!! I participated in the Nielson TV study..I had to record what I watched on tv from last Thursday until Wednesday of this week in a diary. I received 4 diaries so my other roommates could participate but only one of them did..which was cool with me. I split half of the money t w/ her that I received from doing the study.

Yesterday I volunteered and it went well..It was a slow day at the clinic. It was my first day of shadowing as a client advocate. The girl that I shadowed was pretty awesome! I have so much information that I have to know, so I’m a little overwhelmed. I think I’ll have to do a few months of shadowing before I  feel comfortable doing it on my…Today, I slept most of my day slept from 4a.m. to 5p.m. lol..Anyway that’s pretty much my week. I didn’t do much outside of work, volunteering, and  going to the bank and Publix w/ my mom the other day. Next week is my last week of work until Spring Break (March 12-16). So glad to have a Spring Break even though I won’t be doing God Bless!


P.S. I need to read everyone’s blog that I haven’t seen..I think I have a month and half worth of blogs I need to read. I usually  post my stuff and don’t take the time out as I should to read everyone’s post..So I apologize for that.. I have to do better!

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