Spring Break ~Venus

This week the students were out for Spring Break. Since I work on campus, we usually go by the school’s schedule for holidays and breaks. I was glad to be off work this week. It was a much needed break! Last Friday, I left to go to GA w/ my line sister (she pledged w/ me) and also one of my other sorority sisters who live w/ her. I had fun in GA. I came back to Auburn on Tuesday. I think this is the first time that I actually did something for Spring  Break..lol..When I was in college, I spend my Spring  Break usually doing homework or working. Wednesday and Friday I volunteered at the clinic. I was trying my best not to do too much b/c I have a habit of not relaxing..I’m learning how to slowly enjoy life and not to overwork myself. I can say this week was a good week. I hate I have to go back to work tomorrow..lol!

On Wednesday, my bf came back home! Praise God! Later that night, he got into a wreck but he is ok. =) I have a post in the HIS group about it. OAS: I watched American Idol this week. The contestants are pretty awesome. Joshua Ledet sung “When a Man Loves a Woman” and he sung that song w/ so much passion. This week was the first time I watched American Idol this season. The contestants this week had to sing a song from the yr they were born.

My mini-radical moment: I bought a short wig the other day. I usually don’t wear wigs so this is my first wig I actually purchased!! When I was in GA, my line sister gave me a wig so I will have 2 wigs once my other wig comes in..lol!! YAY! I’m trying to do something different!  I got the color “caramel” as my first choice for hair color and my second choice was a 1B which is an off black color. I never rocked super short hair so I just hope when I get the wig, it will fit my face. I I’ve done bobs before but I never did a super short hairstyle..I hope ya’ll get what I’m trying to say..lol..Below is the wig I purchased. Also below is Joshua Ledet’s performance.  God Bless!!


P.S. I saw Twilight for the first time when I was in GA. lol! I know a shame! My sorority sisters love it! One if for team Jacob and the other is for team Edward..lol..I hated how the 1st Twilight movie ended. It was interesting though! I’m leaning towards team Edward since he is fast and strong..lol

Sensationnel 100% Human Hair Premium Now Bump Wig Fab Fringe from http://www.hairsisters.com

Sensationnel 100% Human Hair Premium Now Bump Wig Fab Fringe

  1. #1 by Danielle on March 18, 2012 - 7:03 pm

    That wig is super cute…since im going natural I’ve definitely consideted getting one and prob will in the coming months.

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