God has literally been showing out in my life the past few weeks. After my scare last week with Daniel and his seizure I ended up with the flu myself (which I’ve never had before) and it was not so fun. BUT during this time off I really got to spend time thinking and prioritizing my life. My dreams and hopes for the future became clear. I needed to get a new car, although The Taurus and I had a wonderful relationship the age of the car was making it difficult to find parts when the car did break down (which it did twice last year just a few months a part). I went car shopping..which is radical for me because I’ve never been before. The Taurus was a high school graduation gift which I have had over 7 years so I never even really glanced at another car. The ordeal of finding a car was not as much fun as I had imagined. Car salesmen can be rude, obnoxious and annoying if you’re a female trying to purchase a car.  And I kept hitting road blocks. But on my last day of sick leave I decided to try one last dealership. I had done my research and I was not going to be intimidated or treated like an idiot..long story short God worked it out where not only did I get another car, but I was able to do it on the terms that I wanted! No down payment, outside financing (which usually means lower interest rates) and I got a car that will allow me to take my son out to see more of the “world”.

With that being said the new car..who I affectionately call “Etta”, is a definite upgrade for me and its something that I probably wouldn’t have looked at for myself. I was looking at cars that were probably not as good of quality because I just didn’t even think I could get anything better (smh at doubting the All Powerful God i serve), but He worked it out and I got Etta and Daniel and I are happy 🙂 The Taurus didn’t even have a tape player and Etta allows me to listen to 6 cds at one time, during this time I have fallen in love with the cd Rehab by Lecrae. The music has helped me focus on really getting my act together and trying to “rehab” my sin sick soul into becoming the strong woman in Christ he has called. So I am allowing the Holy Spirit to rehabilitate my heart, mind and soul so I can be free of anything that would hinder me from growth and change.

Second radical moment: I am being open to almost being in a relationship LOL what I mean is I am taking a situation very slow and I will see what God will have it be. I am open to communicating and really trying to be as honest with this person as I can be, and they have promised to do the same. This is a HUGE step for me..i am not one to do feelings, talking, or mushiness so for me to even be willing to step out there at all is pretty huge.I have had about two freak out moments since this decision, because I have been single for so long that being too close to someone does freak me out.

I have also decided to NOT take summer classes. I have two friends that are pregnant and due later in the summer, I want to be there for the births.  I want to travel and having classes will really hinder that.I do not want to do like I did in undergrad where I was so focused on graduation that I missed out on opportunities to live. I was waiting until after graduation to really make some moves and felt a void when I graduated. Do not wait to live your never know how much time you have.

I am very excited by the steps that God has allowed me to take and I am just ready to continue growing in Him.

Hi, my name is Renee` and I can be  a fearful Christian

  1. #1 by Danielle on March 20, 2012 - 8:57 pm

    Great, great!! I loved it and I love what God is doing in your life and can’t wait to see what he will continue to do.

  2. #2 by radical7even on March 20, 2012 - 8:58 pm

    Loving your Christian “rehab”! Congratulations on the new car! Can’t wait to take a ride in her! Good luck with all your radical steps! You will be blessed!

  3. #3 by Nicole on March 21, 2012 - 4:47 am

    This is such a great post 🙂 I really miss you girls and congrats on the new car! I hope things continue to go well with this possible relationship too!

  4. #4 by Venus on March 21, 2012 - 5:21 am

    Hey Nee!! WOO HOO to a new car and getting one by yourself! Praise God for the blessing! Yay to being “open” for a relationship! Honesty plays a big role in a relationship (especially a new one). I’ll be praying for God to send you some great men of God your way! I think its good that you’re taking a mini break during the summer. You definitely don’t want to overwork yourself. ~Venus~

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