Not Much~Venus

I’m like Renee, this week I don’t have much to post. This week has been the same ol same ol full of worked over the weekend on Saturday (I usually don’t work on Saturdays). I’m glad I did a partial shift! I didn’t volunteer today since the clinic was closed due to it being Good Friday. Today, I busted my butt  (as in I fell lol) trying not to get left by the public bus. I left my apt around 10:24a.m. to get something to eat on campus (I rode the tiger transit). I was hoping to get back to my apt before the public bus came (my pickup time was so I wouldn’t get left.  Something told me before I left my apts, not to go on campus..I should had listened to that ended not getting anything to eat b/c Papa John’s wouldn’t let me use my meal card (all employees on campus have a meal card that they use at other dining facilities on campus)  because I wasn’t in my uniform. =(

So I didn’t get back to my apts until 10:53a.m. I was rushing trying to get to my apt bldg  to see if the public transit bus was still there and right when I saw the bus, I fell on the grass…lol..That was totally unexpected. Anywho I ended up going to Ross in Tigertown to do a little shopping and I stopped by other stores while I was waiting on the bus. Today I didn’t do much, just went to Tigertown, washed my hair, and cooked. lol. I’m going home tomorrow and coming back Sunday afternoon since I have to be at work at 2p.m. on Sunday. Idk why my job is even open on Sunday. lol! My job closed at 3p.m. today and is closed tomorrow but is open Sunday. Smh! God bless! ~Venus

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