My week and other stuff ~Venus

Hello everyone! I would like start this post talking about my week. My week so far has been ok. It has been boring for the most been at home chillin and I’m not used to Sunday, I watched a church service online.  The church was Word of Faith  Family Cathedral out of Austell, GA. Bishop Dale Bronner ‘s message was “Walking Scared”. He taught from the passage that discussed Peter walking on water (Matt.14:25–33).  The pastor covered a lot during his sermon, I wrote a BOOK!! lol!!

In a nutshell his message was about how we should step out  and do things even though we are scared. He also talked about fear and gave 10 detriments of fear. One example of a detriment of fear is it (fear) causes us to refuse to embrace change because we are far more concerned about being comfortable than being conformed into the image of Christ. While he was preaching, I thought about Radical7even and how we are stepping out on faith. This experience is so awesome!

Yesterday, my co-worker made me mad. She asked to borrow $20. Last week, I gave her $20. I don’t mind helping ppl out but she always ask me to borrow money.  She usually does good with giving me my money back. I never ask her to borrow money. I don’t really ask anyone to borrow money unless its my family and I really need it. Anyway I was upset b/c I’m on a limited budget until I work again..I have to be careful w/ how I spend my money. Long story short, I ended up giving her the money and she promised me she’ll pay me back on Friday.

This week the reality of me being single kicked been doing a lot of thinking since I been sitting at the house. I’ll be taking this summer off from relationships. Idk after the summer how much longer I’ll be taking off for myself.  I been reflecting on my relationships and doing a little soul searching. I been dealing w/ things from my current break up and my ex before him.Idk what is going on with me. I’m an emotional wreck. Let’s just say this week has been something else. I’m praying for God to heal me..This week has been rough but I’m hoping as time pass by, it will get easier. I don’t plan on dating until I’m emotionally ready so that will be a while from now. I don’t plan on hanging out w/ the opposite sex unless they are a male

God bless!


P.S. Happy EARLY Mother’s Day to those who are mother’s in HIS and to everyone else’s mothers! lol!

  1. #1 by Renee N. Chaffin on May 11, 2012 - 6:33 pm

    Hey lady!
    Are you made because she asked to borrow money or because she didn’t pay you back, I wasn’t sure about that. Also are you letting her borrow the money because you feel like it will help or do you feel obligated? Be sure your not enabling her to make unwise choices with her money and that she really is asking because of a need, that might help you not feel so agitated.
    Are you going to work at all this summer, or is the summer break just until summer classes start back?
    Being single esp after a long and draining relationship can be loads of fun if we take the focus off of being single and focus squarely on being a better us. When most think of being single they think of being “alone”, but I am SOOOO glad I took almost four years off before this relationship. I know exactly what I want, I have had time to learn myself and most importantly have allowed God’s Truth to become my own.

  2. #2 by Venus on May 13, 2012 - 1:01 am

    Hey Nee!! I was mad b/c I just gave her $20 last week.. Then this week she asked me for another $20. I’m on a limited income until I go back to work at the end of the month. My co-worker paid me back yesterday. My co-worker asks b/c she needs the money but she asks me a lot for money. In a way I do feel obligated. The bldg I usually work in is closed for the summer and I’ll be working in another bldg on campus. I don’t feel “the fun” of being single’m dealing w/ the feeling of loneliness and other emotions. I’m truly an emotional wreck right now its not even funny..I’ll think I feel better after time goes by. I’m glad that you got your blessing after being single for a minute. I’m so happy for you!! I know what I want from a relationship..just wanting for those things to come to pass. I’ll be working more on my relationship with God.

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