Some of Everything ~Venus

I would like to give you a warning that this post is going to be all over the have been scattered brain a lot lately its not even funny. Last week, the WHMC has a fundraiser called the “The Great Turnaround”. The guest speaker was Dr. Bruce Wilkinson. He was awesome! We raised a little bit over 100,ooo for WHMC! It wasn’t a huge crowd that came out (it was less than 400 people) but thank God for the money that was raised.

This week  started out ok but then I started to feel overwhelmed for the past few days. I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep and I’ve been having a lot on my mind. The two programs that I’m working on for my sorority are now coming into action. Its exciting but scary at the same time. lol..I’m like is this really happening? lol. I’m trying to manage both of the programs at the same time and get things in order.  Until this point, I been praying about the programs months asking for a breakthrough and been submitting my ideas. Now its time for me to put in the work!

On Tuesday I had a work meeting and an evangelism in-service at WHMC. I return to work next week and I’m happy but not happy at the same’ve been used to sitting at the house and know lazy right! I’ve still been volunteering since I haven’t been working. The work meeting went well. The Evangelism In-service was awesome! One of the client advocate volunteers talked about how to share the gospel with the clients. I somewhat struggle when I share the gospel with my clients. I know that I have to get more comfortable and have an idea of what I’m going to say to my clients. I need to practice so I can be better!

Personal issues: I’ve been learning a lot about myself and my past 2 relationships. I’m dealing w/ a lot of mixed emotions from the last 2 relationships I had. I’ve been comparing both relationships and trying to learn from them. The parallels are crazy! My goal is to get to the point where I can be fully happy. I know happiness doesn’t come from a person but from God and within. I learned that I’ve been suppressing a lot of my emotions and now everything that I suppressed is coming out in the open. They have been hitting me hard! Suppression is my defense mechanism. When I don’t want to deal with things, I suppress them. I’m learning who I am and I learned that I put my identity in the things I do (i.e. relationships) instead of Christ. I want a very close relationship with God. I’ve been working on getting in my quality time with God. I want to grow more spiritually and get in my word more. Please keep me in your prayers! God bless!


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