Love Thy Enemy–Guest Blogger

Since my last post, God has really been working through me. As you may recall, I was having some issues with dealing with emotions involving co-workers. The first was Jealousy. After realizing I harbored this emotion and prayed honestly, I was able to dissolve the Jealousy. Ridding myself of the Anger was much harder.

I prayed each morning and night to be relieved from my Anger.  But ever time I saw this particular woman, my Anger bubbled up again.  But one day, while I was driving, I saw her vehicle, and, by a chance, I found Peace. I was listening to Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young.” I was singing along and God happened to put the most powerful lyrics in my mouth as I drove past her: “May God bless and keep you always.”

This feeling of Peace was so very powerful, but short-lived. But I continued to pray and each time I saw her I repeated that lyric. Then one day, I knew my Anger had diminished.

As I drove past this woman, she was walking along the road looking Harried. I immediately called her and asked if she needed help. Her response was a terse “I’m fine. I’m here on purpose,” and then she promptly hung up. I was a little Annoyed but moreover I felt good about myself. I had followed God’s lead and done my Christian duty. All my prayers and reciting has finally worked: I wasn’t Angry any longer.

Shedding this anger was like being freed from chains. My obsessive thoughts were gone, and now I don’t think of her anymore. I can do my job with my whole heart and mind. I continue to thank God for his healing of my negative emotions.

Now that I’ve worked on my Anger and Jealously, I need to work on my Pride. 😉


Holly Weitz works for a nonprofit in central Alabama. She loves animals and spends her time enjoying a variety of water sports

  1. #1 by Venus on June 4, 2012 - 7:02 am

    Hey hun!! I’m glad that you worked on your weaknesses and aren’t afraid to share them!! ~Venus

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