Writing the Heroes for my Children series has gotten me thinking. Who do I want to be? What will others remember about me? How will my children see me?

Will I be the loyal one?

Will I be the crafty one?

Will I be the loving one?

These are heavy thoughts. When I retook my walk with Christ, I knew that what mattered most was what he thought of me because eternal life does not depend on any one else. But for now, while I breathe, I want to know I am leaving something behind, leaving a legacy inspired by Christ.

At this stage in my life, at 29, I hope that I have embodied these things:


  • We are      more than we are in high school, and we can have the world
  • Friends      and family come first
  • Medication      isn’t always the answer
  • My      family wasn’t perfect but we loved each other and that’s all that matters
  • Work      is work, and home is home
  • Children      are the hope of this world
  • Equality      does not exclude any race, gender, sexual orientation, or income level
  • Pick a      side, believe in a cause; apathy is the curse of this world
  • There      is a time to fight and a time to make peace
  • Medical      issues do not define you
  • A life      lived in Christ was a life worth wild


These are the ideals I want to leave behind. I’m not concerned if people remember that I was Program Director at 28, that I graduated with honors, that I danced a very advanced dance for my first ballroom dancing show. These are great and major accomplishments, but I can not give them to my kids. But I can leave these ideas. I can give them hope and love. My faith will pass this on as I pass on my faith to others.


  1. #1 by Venus on August 5, 2012 - 10:41 pm

    Love your post Audrey! Remember that you do make an impact on people lives even if they don’t tell you! Your legacy will be remembered! =) Love you!

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