Progress report… Kelly :)

At work I develop case plans for the parents to work in order to improve themselves and be reunified with their children. Typically they have a year to finish their case plans and get their children back in their homes. By typically, I mean this is what is supposed to happen by law. Many times they get much longer, but I digress. Often there are small things that the parents could do to be considered ‘compliant’, but they don’t. It’s mind boggling. I would do ANYTHING to make sure my child is with me. When the parents I work with slack off, I judge them. I’m not going to lie. I work to be understanding of them and always try my best to get them motivated to work their case plans–but judging them is my initial reaction.

Keeping this all in mind, I made seven goals for myself about a year ago. My progress… well try not to judge me lol. It’s not great, but I got 5/7 right. I’ve rated myself like I would rate my clients if this were my case plan.

Goal 1: Insufficient Progress

I made a goal to feed the hungry. More specifically, I wanted to cook for and feed some of the homeless population in Tampa. I left Tampa without accomplishing this goal. This is one I can finish up before September easily. Right now I’m rating this as insufficient progress, but I can turn that around to an achieved goal. I’m going to donate canned food to local people in need. There is a drop off location at this awesome coffee house in downtown Crestview. It’s an outreach of the Methodist charities–great people.

Goal 2: Achieved

This goal was aimed at reducing my stress and finding an emotionally peaceful place. I feel that this has been accomplished as well as possible (considering nothing is perfect). I am very happy with where I am in my life right now. I’m grateful–incredibly grateful–for my blessings. Having Elias has put thing in perspective. Going through pregnancy and a difficult birth has revealed to me inner strength I had no idea I possessed a year ago. I made the tough call to not pursue a Ph.D. for now. I’m at peace with that decision, as it is best for me and for my family. If I go back to school, it will most likely be a Psy.D. or something more related to working with people in an applied manner. At first I was an emotional wreck making that decision, but I’m at a really good place now. Moving on…

Goal 3: Achieved

Last year I was really struggling with congruence between values and actions. To be honest, the real problem was between maintaining good relationships with more conservative Christians who are pretty vocal in my life and being true to myself in honestly expressing my beliefs. I’m a pretty liberal person socially speaking. I identify most as a Presbyterian if I had to pick a denomination. Growing up in a family and towns that are mostly conservative was difficult for me. There are people I love who basically believe people like me aren’t really Christians. While I didn’t journal as planned, I did think a lot about this subject. Ultimately I’m at peace with my faith, because I have thought deeply and prayed extensively about my belief system. My personal beliefs are just as valid as anyone else’s. No matter what you believer, there are people who are going to look down on you. All that matters at the end of the day is if your heart is right with God. Mine is. Nuff said. 😉

Goal 4: Achieved

I passed this one with flying colors. I recycle cans, plastics, and cardboard. I’m also working on starting a compost project. I’m learning all about it now and plan to implement it as soon as is feasible.

Goal 5: Partially Achieved

I did finish my thesis and it will be bound before the Radical7 year is over. I had to order really nice paper to print it on (required by AUM). I’m waiting for the paper to arrive and then I can print it and have it bound at the AUM library. This part of the goal is golden. The second part of my goal was to get published. That’s not going to happen. Honestly I learned a lot about myself professionally this year. I love reading and applying research. I even enjoy helping out with data collection and statistical analyses. What I hate is writing up the research into publications. For a research psychologist, this is a huge part of the job. At least at this point in my life, I don’t want that for myself. It sucks the life out of me. This goal is as accomplished as it’s going to get.

Goal 6: Insufficient Progress

Okay, I’ve wanted to learn Spanish for years. It didn’t happen this year. I didn’t even make progress. I am thinking of learning German with Nathan and Elias. My good friend and hair stylist Wendy knows how to speak German and she teaches me a few words each time I see her. I’m going to look into some German videos for Elias and maybe we can start learning together in the future. This may be a year 2 or 3 goal?

Goal 7: Achieved

My goal was to get 10 minutes of exercise each day. I get way more than that! 🙂 I don’t look like I’m at the peak of my physical fitness, because I did just give birth to a big baby 6 weeks ago. I am arguably the healthiest I’ve ever been regardless. I eat much, much healthier than I ever have before. I also treat myself much better in terms of how I view myself. I still feel a bit unsatisfied sometimes, but overall I’m grateful for a strong body that can bear and child and still look good beside my super hot husband. 😉 lol

Well I guess I didn’t do that badly on these goals after all. I’m out.

Much love,


  1. #1 by Renee N. Chaffin on August 6, 2012 - 1:10 am

    You’ve actually done really well! I think I. Will do more concrete goals next year myself. I’m so happy you’re at peace with where you are. I’m super proud of you. Love you

  2. #2 by Venus on August 6, 2012 - 1:13 am

    Hey Kels! If I was in your shoes, I probably would judge your clients too. However, I know that you have to be the “neutral party” and try to help them! I’m PROUD of you for accomplishing most of your goals and that you’ll try to accomplish the others ones you haven’t yet! You still have time! =) OAS: Wow, I can’t believe it has been 6 weeks already! Love you! ~Venus

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