One More Night, One More Time~Audrey

It’s time for an end of the year check in. As we come upon September and the end of our first year or our Radical 7even journey, I am amazed at what God has allowed me to accomplish. So here’s my recap of my goals and progress.


My goal was to stay in touch with my friends. I have done well getting closer to many of them as well as visiting and writing those that don’t live close to me. I have been there for some big events in my friend’s lives and feel blessed to be included. I have done well accomplishing this goal.

Romantic Relationship

While I have been more open to relationships and allowing people to set me up, not much has come from it. I am putting myself out there more which is a step in the right direction and there is a flirtation that I thought wasn’t going, that apparently, is moving forward. So this goal could use some more work.


I have done better at putting my ideas down on paper. There are some rough drafts, but no real progress on a piece of work. My focus has been more on my blogs, so this goal could use some more work.


Done and done! I have started my blog Stars in Her Eyes as well as corresponding Facebook and Twitter account. I am steadily posting a variety of reviews. Now that it’s moving along, I am focusing on marketing my unique view. Check it out here:


I have worked hard on this goal. I took time out for the doctor when I had ankle and neck injuries and spent days immobile to help the injuries, even thought it was killing me mentally. I have increased my water intake dramatically and started wearing the special circulation socks at night to help with the numbness in my toes, a symptom of my kidney disease. And speaking of kidney disease, I have stabilized on my current medication which is a huge coup for me.


My goal was to find a place where I was appreciated, and I even considered leaving my job. I did some interviews, but in the end God led me to lead my current non-profit. I love my job. I am good at it (even though I know I still have a lot to learn) and am highly appreciated by my superiors as well as my coworkers. Consider this goal mastered!


I have come a long way with my perfectionism and holding myself to rigorous standards. Because of my new position at work, I’ve learned that I cannot do everything and I will make mistakes. I know first hand that the big picture is more important that momentary lapses in getting things right. I give a lot of credit to my deeper journey with God. He has supported me and made me strong. I now realize I don’t have to please anyone but him.

So I feel I have done well with many of my goals though I know I have more work to do. I am looking forward to the future and consider these accomplishments as I consider my new goals for the next year.

May God be with you and “thnks fr th mmrs”

  1. #1 by Venus on August 26, 2012 - 5:39 am

    Hey Audrey! Idk how I missed this!!! Anyway I’m proud of you!! Thanks for the update!! Congrats on accomplishing some of your goals!!! Love you! ~Venus

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