At My Breaking Point ~Venus

It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This week I felt like a straw broke across mine! lol! I had a rough week!  I worked Sunday-Thursday and today. I’m tired and sleepy! I feel so drained! I don’t get another off day until next Thursday. =(

Thinking about my finances really stressed me out this week. I’m not in the best place financially. This summer I worked but I didn’t work as many hours as I normally do. I got paid on Wednesday and that was helpful. I had three bills due back to back. My cell bill was due yesterday. My power bill and renter’s insurance is due on next Monday. I paid all of them yesterday. I paid my cell bill in full ($66.14), gave my roommate  half on the power bill ($36.50), and I paid my renter’s insurance for the next 6 months ($41.00). My half of the power bill is $73.14 but I didn’t have the full amount so I have to give my roommate the rest at the end of the month when I get paid again. I usually pay the full amount  of my renter’s insurance (it’s $79) for a whole year but I didn’t have the money.

I really hate being in a financial bind! I know last month I had to ask my  mom for some money on my rent b/c I didn’t have enough money. I hope I won’t have to ask her again this month for money. All these hours I’m doing at work better pay off on my paycheck at the end of the month! I’m just saying! lol! Also this week, a co-worker asked me for $50 so she could use it towards moving in her apt. I told her I couldn’t help her. I have given her money a couple of times  this year and she has exhausted me out (I’ll have to post a story about it in our HIS group). I had to start telling her no because I have my own financial issues to worry about. She does pay me back when I give her money but it’s the principle of it that gets me! It’s not about her paying me back the money but her asking for it on a frequent basis. I try by best to help others but sometimes I feel when I need people to help me, I can’t really find a lot of people.  I think that’s really sad especially w/ how much I give.

I’m not saying that I expect a reward from people but it would be nice just to have what you do for others reciprocated. I understand if people don’t have the means to help because I’m put in that position at times, but it would be nice for those people who hit you up all the time to help them, to help you! I hope ya’ll get what I’m saying. This btw is not directed to my HIS.  I also would like to mention that I would like to go to the Founder’s Day weekend for my sorority next month but I’m not sure if I’ll have the money to go. =( I’ve been saving money towards it. We are going to see if the situation turns around! I need a mini-vacation BAD! lol!

OAS: Please be in prayer for me during this Daniel Fast. I have 3 more days! PRAISE GOD!! lol! I’m so ready to eat some real food!! lol! I ate some on my birthday but not anything else since then..The fast has been rough too! I feel like I’m not hearing from God as much as I want. I know I’ve been getting distracted (i.e. tv and internet).  However, I been trying my best to spend each day w/ God whether it’s by prayer or reading the bible (or both lol). I try to get the quiet time in!  God bless! ~Venus

P.S. I forgot to mention that I had a roommate that moved out last month. One of my other roommates moved out in May.  So now I just have 1 roomie. No more drama now they are gone!  WOO HOO!

**This post was originally posted on August 18, 2012

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