Last Update of Radical Year 1 (Danielle)

Hey, Hey Radicalnites!! This year has definitely been a learning experience. It wasn’t always fun but I’ve been blessed to have gone through this journey with my best friends.

Goal #1: Lose 40 pounds by health eating and exercise

Well, I did not lose 40 pounds but I did lost 10–whoop whoop!!

Goal #2: Buy a car.

Only by God’s Grace, I received a car for the Free-ezy! (a barter) I can only say that God has truly put  great people in my life. God can give you what you need/want as long as you are open. It may not be how you envision it, but he will provide. I am a witness.

Goal #3: Conquer my sweets/desserts addiction.

I had good days and bad days but this is one of the goals that  I will continue on in Radical Year 2. I bought a book this past year that focuses on sugar  and how it is a detriment to our body system, so we shall see.

Goal #4: Decrease my total debt (not including students loans) by at least 30%

I am not sure by the actual percentage but I did decrease my total amount owed on pretty much all of my credit cards and I did my best not to use my cards at all.

Goal #5: Begin every morning and end every night with prayer and devotion.

Overall, This was a draw. Most days, I did very well with this goal but there were dark days and there were times that I really needed to hear God’s voice and those were the times that  I couldn’t bring myself to listen, read, and/or hear God’s voice. My continued goal is to always seek him out, no matter the current circumstances.

Goal #6: Do not buy myself anything NEW (clothing, jewelry, accessories).

I did good with this goal, until the mid 2012, but I can say that I didn’t buy anything at full-price. I am getting betting at bargain hunting.

Goal #7:Read at least 25 books.

Umm, I know I have the goal of 25 books but I read 7!!

Overall, I think I did pretty well on my goals but I had safe goals. I have a Great God who wants BIG things for me, so radical year 2 will be different.

Before  I leave you, I wanted to list some milestones/lessons I’ve gone through that wasn’t on my goal list.

  1. I cut my hair-big chopped–I’ve felt the most beautiful since I’ve cut my hair. I am actually able to style my own hair which has been a goal of mine since was a teenager.
  2. I moved back home-this was a decision I decided to do for my sanity and I’m happy.
  3. Applied for a job out of the state-not only did I apply, I went and interviewed, and even got accepted to an alternate teaching program. I ultimately wasn’t able to go this school term but it is something that  I am actively seeking to reapply to.
  4. Took a chance on a job for the experience–sometimes taking a chance leads to more than just experience for your resume.
  5. Fell in love with old Folks– the Longest job that I’ve held since leaving grad school was working as a caregiver at an assisted living. It was a joy getting to know the older people at my job. Even though the majority of the citizens that I worked with had Dementia and Alzheimer’s, they all had stories to tell; they all had a personality and I feel extremely blessed to have known them for my term of employment.

Still Pushing

On to Year 2,

Danielle G.

  1. #1 by Renee N. Chaffin on August 28, 2012 - 7:09 pm

    You did amazing on your goals 🙂 I didn’t even remember the car goal was one of the goals! how cool is that! You really embraced the Rad7even challenge and stepped out of your comfort zone, proud of you

  2. #2 by Venus on August 29, 2012 - 6:56 am

    Hey Dani! I think you did a great job! You put in effort for each of your goals! I’m so happy that you got a car! =) I’m glad that you learned a lot during your journey! =) Kudos to you on decreasing your debt and losing some weight! I’m proud of you! Love you! ~Venus

  3. #3 by starsinhereye on August 29, 2012 - 3:55 pm

    Congrats! I am so glad you something for each goal! That is dedication girl! And thank you for sharing other mile stones. You did so much this year! Love you!

  4. #4 by Pamela Cromer Rush on September 4, 2012 - 6:08 pm

    You did a lot! I especially liked how you listed the extra milestones/lessons. That is the thing about this journey. Only God knows what our goals will take us. Great job! Pam

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