Year in Review-Renee`

So, the first year of rad7even is rapidly coming to a close. So it’s time to reevaluate my goals and rate the ones from this year:

  1. Follow every prompting of the Holy Spirit-I won’t say that it is impossible to follow every prompting of the Holy Spirit, but it can be really difficult at times. I will give myself a B-, because there were times when I didn’t immediately follow what I felt I was being lead to do, but for the most part I believe I did my very best to be true to this goal.
  2. Do it afraid– I realized throughout this year that I have some pretty irrational fears, I literally worry about things that never happen and then if something does happen it is not nearly as bad as I concocted in my little head. but I did a few things this year that I was afraid of 1) went back to school 2) got into a committed relationship 3) took on a new job-well technically TWO new positions at my current place of employment 4) removed Daniel from one daycare to another- So overall I give myself an A+ 🙂
  3. Try new experiences on purpose-I finally did start wearing my natural hair just before the end of the first Radical 7even year!! I began actually rocking the natural on Aug 13. I’ve been trying to eat at different places and go to different events as well so I give myself a B+ on this goal
  4. Do your best even when it seems failure is near– I finished my first year of grad school pretty successfully even when I was terrified of my budgeting class (I am not a fan of math and graphs), but I really did work hard to
  5. Force my mind to focus on positive outcomes- I am the most fretful person I know, so I have really worked on speaking positive things to myself and those I love. I have done a really good job lately, but I did struggle in the beginning. I still freak out when bad news comes, but the freaking out part is dying down quicker each time :)
  6. Learn a minimum of one new activity or idea– I am unsure how to rate this goal..because it only says one new activity or idea and I think I learned a bunch. Cooking was one, finding new ways to do my natural hair. I also tried different ways of working I guess that gives me an A+
  7. Read Daily/Question Daily -So I do this all the time LOL I shouldn’t have made it a goal actually because it is something that I naturally do. I read articles and books all with the intention of learning something new or challenging the status quo. So i guess that means another a+

I have decided that next year I will do more concrete goals, that way I can properly measure my level of success for each goal. Overall I have done so many new things. New job, new car, new relationship, new daycare for baby boy. OH I also forgot to mention that my son is now sleeping in his own bed! My goal was to get him to sleep by himself (I’m a co-sleeper) by his second birthday. I waited until a few days after his birthday, but I did eventually put him in his own bed so since Aug. 1 my big boy has been in his “big boy” bed; this goal has helped both of us see and embrace his new form of independence.

I am excited to see what the next year brings,


  1. #1 by Venus on August 29, 2012 - 6:51 am

    WOW RENEE!! You have accomplished a lot!! I think you accomplished the most w/ your goals out of all of us. I could be!! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! Yay to Daniel sleeping in his own bed! Love you! ~Venus

  2. #2 by starsinhereye on August 29, 2012 - 4:01 pm

    So proud of what you accomplished! You had such a radical year! Love you!

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