My Radical7even Goals for Year 2! ~Venus

I’m so happy to post my Radical7even goals for our second year!!! WOO HOO!! I forgot to mention something I radical I did recently. I got tested for STIs in August. I had to go through a series of 3 appointments. I received my results on last Friday, August 7th. Everything was negative! Praise God! I got tested b/c when I was sexually active, I never got tested. I honestly was scared and nervous to get tested but I’m glad I did it! I can’t believe in November, it’ll be 2 yrs that I’ve been celibate! WOO HOO! Ok enough of that small story! Let’s move forward to my goals!!

1.) To get a job in my field. I plan on accomplishing this goal by actively job searching at least once a week and applying to a    job once a month. My HIS please hold me accountable! I know I can be lazy and a procrastinator! So please help me by checking in on me. I know I have to do the work and I can’t rely on anyone to do it for me. I really want a career! I want job that I actually love!

2.) To get my permit and hopefully a driver’s license. In February, my permit expired. I received a notification in the mail that it expired and I needed to get it renewed. However, when I went to the courthouse they told me that I could only renew it once (I renewed it 2010). So I have to get a new permit. You may ask well why won’t you go ahead and get a driver’s license? Let’s just say it’s hard for me to find people to help me in that department that will be consistent. I have someone that can help me but I’m not sure if he will be consistent. So please pray that he will be consistent and that I can get my driver’s license! I want to go ahead and get my permit so I won’t be on the road illegally. OAS: I found out that I can use my expired permit (up to 3 yrs) to get my driver’s license and I wouldn’t have to get a new permit.

3.) To discover my life’s purpose by spending time with God through reading the bible, prayer, and fasting. I know that God has a calling on my life. He revealed a little bit of my life’s purpose to me last year. I feel like God talks to me in bits and pieces. It’s like putting a puzzle together. I really want to seek God about what I should be doing with my life. I don’t want to live a life that isn’t full of purpose!

4.) To have to College Transition Program up and running by next year. I’m the director of this program for my sorority. Right now it’s in limbo as I’m as well as my other sorors are trying to figure out what to do. The College Transition Program will help educate high school seniors and their parents about  the college process. This program will help the high school seniors transition from high school into college.  I already have the Mamie Reese Scholarship Fund program  (I’m the director of the program) up and running! Praise God! It became in effect this summer! I think it has been successful! I’m already thinking of the changes that need to be made next year.

5.) To go on dates whether it’s by myself or w/ guys. ! I know this goal might sound silly! lol! I’m ready to get back on the dating scene! I hope that I could find a guy that is willing to take me out!  lol. Guys usually don’t flock to me, so this should be interesting! lol! I know if I can’t count on a guy to take me out, I can count on myself! I think it’s important to take myself out on dates whether it’s out to eat or window shopping. I haven’t taken myself out in a while! I guess you can say I’m all work and no play! lol!  I’m going to try my best to be open minded and not rush into a relationship! I’m going to enjoy my singleness and wait on God’s confirmation on getting into a relationship. It will save me a lot of heartache doing on his timing and not my own!

6.) To learn new recipes! I see that Gem and I have this same goal! lol!  I want to learn how to cook a new recipe at least once a month or every other month. I don’t think I’m bad a cook, but I don’t think I’m a great cook either! lol! I want to step up my cooking game! I wish I knew how to cook as good as my mom and aunties!

7.) To learn how to do my natural hair. I think I borrowed this one from BB and Renee. If I’m not mistaken! I’ve been natural since 2009. My natural hair  can be a pain in the butt! lol! My hair is course and thick. When it’s wet, it’s very curly. I hate doing my hair!  lol! However, I really want to learn how to manage my hair in it’s natural state. I watch a lot of Youtube vids about natural hair and hairstyles so that’s a start! So far I know how to do  twist outs, bantu knots, and straightening my hair. I’m pretty good at putting my hair in a ponytail! lol! I also want to learn how to put moisture in my hair because my hair is very dry! OAS: I would also like to learn how to do make a wig! I watch a lot of wig tutorials on Youtube!

God bless!


  1. #1 by radical7even on September 10, 2012 - 6:07 am

    Those are good goals. 🙂 Good luck with them V!


  2. #2 by renee n chaffin on September 10, 2012 - 11:56 am

    Great job V excited for your new yr! Now go apply for jobs lol

  3. #3 by gem on September 10, 2012 - 4:28 pm

    Yay for new goals! I am happy to see everything that you would be working on. I am gonna hold you accountable for that job!! Sooooo I am going to challenge you to increase the application process to increase the blessings!! Love you!

  4. #4 by Venus on September 11, 2012 - 3:40 am

    Thank ya’ll so much! I’m excited as well! Lol @ Nee! Yes, Gem please hold me accountable! Thanks for the challenge! =)

  5. #5 by Pamela Cromer Rush on September 11, 2012 - 11:17 am

    I am praying for you in these goals. I do not think you are lazy like you wrote though. I think you are just not satisfied because you are dedicated to moving foward. I know you can get this done.It is a blessing that we have the kind of sisterhood where we do hold each other accountable. We all make such a great team. Watch out world, here we come. Go Venus!!!!

  6. #6 by Venus on September 14, 2012 - 7:48 am

    Thank you so much Pam! I just really have to push myself w/ getting these goals! I know that fear gets in the way of me to moving forward. I have to overcome my fears. Yeah, you can tell I’m dissatisfied huh? lol…It’s been that way for a while. Yes, we do make a great team and we are a great sisterhood!! Love you! ~Venus

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