Wisdom, Solomon, Queen of Sheba

This morning I had a chance to read the Bible. I’m currently in 2 Chronicles. I am making some progress on my goal to read the Bible, but haven’t made much progress on documenting scriptures to apply in my life. The story of Solomon is a great place to start. Here is a man whose dad was famous. His dad conquered so much. When it was time for Solomon to take his place as king, the Lord asked Solomon the desires of His heart. Solomon asked for wisdom… Not to be famous, not to be a greater warrior than his dad, not for wealth, but wisdom. What makes this so amazing is that this was really in his heart. Sometimes when God ask us what we desire, we say what we think God would like for us to say. But He knows our heart. He knows what is truly in our hearts. Because Solomon’s heart was pure, God blessed him with the wisdom he wanted and so much more. What’s really in your heart? I think it’s time for me to do a heart check.

Now, on to the second part. Queen of Sheba. I love this woman. Here is a woman, very influential woman. She realized that she needed something from Solomon, but she also recognized that she couldn’t go to him empty handed. She brought not only the finest things, but things she knew Solomon would not have. She blessed Solomon and Solomon blessed her. That’s what a relationship is. Many of us women desire a relationship, but rarely to we ever look at what we can bring to the table. Sometimes we are bringing things to the table, but are they good and rare valuables that he would cherish, or is it something he has experience before: baggage, drama, insecurities, etc. I have chosen to be single because I want to work on bringing something rare to the table. I want to be a complete woman in God. That takes time to develop. A few years ago, I asked God to take away the desire to be with a man so that I could work on me and figure out my purpose. He has granted that desire. Yes, there are times when I am like, oh I really like him, but God always says it is not time. I’m cool with that, but God is doing an amazing work in me that I could have never imagine.

Now to tie both stories together. When i was in high school, all i wanted to do was get married and have kids. Even my first two years of college, i was praying for a family of my own. After talking and dating a few guys, I realized i wasn’t prepared for marriage. Like Solomon, I asked God to keep me from guys that would distract me from His purpose for my life. In return, I have been blessed with so many opportunities to grow as a woman. I have discovered many hidden talents that I never knew I had, conquered a few fears about my life, and have taken many adventures I would have never taken. In doing this, I hope that I am preparing to bring something rare to my soulmate. I have no intentions of getting married anytime soon, but I am grateful to have many examples of marriages in my life. From those planning to get married to those who have been married for over 50 years. It has given me a great framework to study and learn from. Thank you. Well I have to get back to work. Be blessed everyone!

Getting my Queen of Sheba on,


  1. #1 by Renee N. Chaffin on October 18, 2012 - 2:38 pm

    Love this Radical Blog! you are so right, God knows the desires of our heart and we need to be sure that our heart is right so we can begin to really live the abundant life that God intended for his children. I am excited for you to continue to grow,learn and change. It is inspiring 🙂 love you much

  2. #2 by Venus on October 23, 2012 - 5:02 am

    Hey BB!!! I’m reading 2nd Chronicles as well! =) I’m finished Chapter 11 & 12 on Monday ! Anyway wisdom is great to have! =) Amen, God does know the desires of our heart! I know I have a LOT of desires! lol! I love how you said we have to bring something to the table. I feel you on wanting to be a complete woman in God. I’m working on doing the same.Kudos to you for working on yourself and staying focused on your purpose! I’m proud of you!! I’m glad that you realized that you weren’t ready for marriage! =) That’s awesome that you have great examples of marriages in your life. I don’t have that many..=(

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