Here We Grow Again ***Pam***

I have not been blogging as much as I meant to since our household has grown. Also, I have let my health slip to the back burner so to speak. Sometimes it just has to be enough to get through the day. My dental health and maintaining my weight loss are ares that I need to get under control. I found out from the dentist that I have been grinding my teeth mostly when I am asleep but I have caught myself doing it during the day. I never noticed it before but now I catch it happening daily. Like every other doctor he told me my stress level is damaging my health. I want to work on that but it is easier said than done. I am a very happy person but my work load with this many kids is what gets me. Do not get me wrong I love having a big family. They are my greatest blessing but they take me to my human limit daily.

Our household has grown again from 9 to 12 people. Our oldest daughter, Angela, and our granddaughters have moved back home. All of us being together really makes the holidays even more special this year. We are also welcoming a new gray backed duck into our family . Our daughter is giving it to us for Christmas from her aunt’s farm and she says it will hatch next week. Our other duck, Kelly Waddlekins, will get to be a mama now and I will have more fertilizer for my garden. I have prepared all my pets’ living areas for winter. The doggies, Jasper and Tulip, have a brand new dog house with tons of hay that they love to jump and play in. I can’t blame them. It really looks like fun. Tulip just got spayed and has completed her puppy shots. Kelly Waddlekins also has a cozy blue house with hay. My sweet parakeet went to live with my aunt because my husband was really allergic to her. The kittens have also gotten all their shots and are now spayed and neutered. They are doing really well and Jeff just added a heat light to their outside play area.

I am also very excited about my pre-Christmas gift this year from my hubby. Jeff is building a greenhouse for me that we designed together. By together, I mean that I told him how much area and where I would need things and he figured out how to make it structurally sound. We had a well dug deep enough for drinking water a few months back.  This is definitely gonna help me with my gardening goals. I had started so many crops because I wanted to have something every month like my goal says. All but a few have thrived so now I have an abundance of plants that we cannot bear to part with. Thus the greenhouse. I have also planted tons of fruit trees. I think within 3 years I can have us growing all of our own food. I guess I assumed it would be more difficult to do with a big household. Thinking about the $ I will save, I am just upset at myself for not trying this sooner. This green thumb is obviously a gift from God that I have overlooked as just a hobby. Sometimes I am so blind. God provides in so many ways. He has probably been just shaking His head at me. I have always had a need to be surrounded by life. Pets, people (most of the time), and my beautiful plants keep me happy so I definitely struggle more in the winter. If there is one thing I understand about God, it was His need to create life. That is why I plant seeds or root cuttings instead of just buying a full-grown plant. I like to see the growth and the entire life cycle. Maybe that is how God feels about watching us grow. I know I compare gardening to spiritual things a lot in my blogs.  Jesus had several parables that were about plants and animals. This is why I started to think in those terms from an early age. Anyway. That is my blog and I hope I will get to do the next ones more consistently. Peace and joy to all of you! ***Pam***

  1. #1 by starsinhereye on December 3, 2012 - 5:51 pm

    Prayers for you girl! A FULL house can be so stressful! But I am so excited about your greenhouse; i couldn’t imagine a better gift for you!

  2. #2 by Venus on December 4, 2012 - 10:00 am

    Hey Pam! I hope that you’re able to get a mini break even it’s 15 mins out your day. You definitely need sometime to yourself. I know that might be hard to get since you have full house. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual health is important. I hope that you’re able to get the grinding of teeth situation under control. I love the name of your duck!! It’s such a cute name!! Wow, ya’ll have a lot of pets! I bet your kids love them! Yay to ya’ll getting a greenhouse!!! There is nothing wrong w/ having a greenthumb! Growing your own food will save ya’ll money! Love you! ~Venus

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