I’m Not Perfect ~Venus

Hello everyone! So in a couple of mins from now it will be another day and a new month! =) Last weekend, I revealed a situation that I was involved in w/ a guy (let’s call him Sammie) that I liked. Revealing that situation to Sammie was very hard for me. I would write about what the situation was on this post but to be honest, I’m too ashamed to share it (only 3 people know about what happened). So with that being said, I’ll just say that it’s a situation that I look back on and regret. Have you ever been involved in something that at the time felt right to your flesh (I’m not talking about sex..I’m talking about acting out of your flesh)  but you later realize it was wrong to do? Let’s say that the situation was something like that. Anyway Sammie responded in a positive way to me but I know that his perception and his attitude about me has changed a little bit. I was really emotional when I shared the situation w/ Sammie. I wasn’t really expecting to act like that because I’m not a super emotional person..lol! After I shared everything w/ Sammie, I didn’t feel relieved. I was like oh my gosh why did I tell him that? lol! I wanted to be honest w/ Sammie since I have interest in him. I didn’t want to keep anything from him.

I share that scenario to intertwine w/ the name of this post. I have done things in my past that I’m not proud of. Looking back on situations that I’ve been in, I wish I could had done things differently and made better decisions. When I think of how imperfect I am, I think of people in the bible that were imperfect. Many people who were best known or most talked about in the Bible made mistakes. For example, King David is known for being a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22). However, King David made a lot of mistakes. One of the mistakes King David made was sleeping w/ Bathsheba and having her husband killed (2nd Samuel 11 & 12).  King David also made Bathsheba his wife. The prophet Nathan had to rebuke David for what he did and David was judged for his sin (2nd Samuel 12). The story of King David can also be found in 1st/2nd Samuel, 1st Chronicles, and 1st Kings.

The point that I’m trying to make is that just like we make mistakes, so did people in the Bible  (Ecclesiastes 1:9).  They were just as human as we are. What I love about God is that he used (he still does use)  imperfect people (ordinary people)  and what I call society rejects for his purposes. The only person in the Bible that was perfect was Jesus himself. What I love about my NIV Life Application Study Bible is that it gives the profile of the people mentioned in the books of the Bible. It discusses their background, the person’s weaknesses, strengths, accomplishments,  lessons from their life, vital statistics, and key verses. The profile of the various people in the Bible them even more human. This post is not to excuse sin in any type of way but to recognize that we all are imperfect people and we make mistakes. The most important thing to do once you sin or make a mistake is recognize it, repent, and learn from whatever it was that you did. God bless!


P.S. I’m rethinking about being ready for a relationship..lol..If I feel that someone is right for me (of course I will have to get to know them better first and pray about it) I can do a relationship. In my last post, My Heart’s Desire I mentioned not being ready because I’m trying to give myself a yr off from relationships which will end in April. Keep me in prayer about it!

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