The Inner Game of Faith Part 4~Audrey

In the last three entries, I have been taking The Inner Game of Tennis and applying those basic principles to Faith. You can read them here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. So this week I want to teach you to trust Self 2-your Faith side.

Trusting Self 2

When we do things, we judge our actions. Pick out an outfit? That makes my butt look big! That color clashes with my hair! Self 1 is telling you that you are doing something wrong and this causes Self 2 to change its actions.

But we shouldn’t. Shelf 2 is the side of you that is connected to the Holy Spirit. It’s the part of you that moves when God says “Move!” Self 1 is the side that tells you to Keep Up With the Jones. It’s the part of you that thinks you are a good Christian only if you do the things others do (go to a soup kitchen, give away all your money and live in a hut). But if we judge ourselves by other’s standards, our own gifts and talents will not be allowed to shine.

The first step is to forget “assumed roles.” W. Timothy Gallwey uses this term in his book to discuss how players are rigid with where their body parts should be. For this entry, I want you to think about this as the social categorization of being a follower of Christ. Forget the soup kitchen. Forget the hut. You are not these people and you should not be.

Next is to let the Holy Spirit move you. Feel the desire to go to the Humane Shelter and volunteer with the dogs? Do it. Called to pick up trash on the side of the road? Don’t think about what others will think of you. A desire to minister to prison inmates? Let your body go where the Holy Spirit calls!

Then don’t identify with these actions. Do not think of yourself as “the trash lady,” “the dog smelling boy,” or “the weirdo that ventures into the darkness of prison.” You are a follower of Christ, and you are a child of God. This goes for other’s opinions of you! You are not the names they call you; you are the bearer of God’s work.

Finally, change your attitude. Stop worrying about if you are doing enough. God has a certain plan for you. There are ways he wants to use you. Be confident in your gifts and follow the Holy Spirit knowing that it is leading you down the right path to Christ. Take each challenge with joy and experience the life God has set out before you!

Do what you have to do to be a child of God. No one can judge you but God. Follow yourself two and start finding your actions of Faith!

  1. #1 by Venus on February 6, 2013 - 6:58 am

    Love this post Audrey Bear! I love Self 2 better than Self 1. lol! Seriously though, I think that ministry is serving others despite what is. I love how we should let go “assumed roles”. Love you! ~Venus

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