Love and Memories~Audrey

Since I was little I dreamed of that proverbial white wedding. I’ve made so many plans that have changed over the years. Different themes (fairy forest, beach) and ideas have evolved as I have grown. What always stayed the same was my beaming face. The face caused by true love and devotion. Having the partner that would complement me and validate my feelings.
Once I graduated high school, it was all I could think about. Find the one. Get a degree. Get married. Done.
I was devastated when my first true love didn’t work out. I was shattered then, but, as I look back now, I am glad that I did not end up with him. That is the issue with first love: it is felt the most but usually isn’t the right love.
The same could be said about my other two serious boyfriends. I set out to find a man that I liked, that liked and would marry me. But there was something missing. Something very big was missing. God was missing.
So I stayed single. I was single for years. Men stood me up? I moved on. Didn’t like someone and they wanted to go out? Said no because I didn’t have to date to date. Refuse a booty call? Yes, ma’am! No more of that! Instead I prayed and talked with God. I stopped asking for him to mold who ever I was with into that someone to marry. Instead, I started asking for him to send me in the right direction of a man who would truly be my partner.
God brought into my life a wonderful man who treats me like a queen but also as a person. He takes care of me as much as I take care of him. When I am anxious or angry, he is calm. When I need got talk, he talks and doesn’t yell. We are both equals. This is what came from waiting and praying. I believe I am with someone that God approves of.
How far it will go and where God will lead us, I don’t know. I am trying hard not set my sight on that goal of marriage; it has led me astray before. Instead, I will keep my eye on Good and enjoy what he has given me.

  1. #1 by Venus on February 22, 2013 - 4:21 am

    Hey Audrey! I love this post! I know that I got something out of it for sure especially since I’m single! I’m glad that God blessed you w/ your boo! =) Love you! ~Venus

  2. #2 by Renee N. Smith on February 22, 2013 - 4:41 pm

    I love this Audrey! Building a happy healthy relationship…will eventually lead to what we want. 🙂 As long as the keys that you have already stated are in you learning I think yall will be good. Super excited for you hun!

  3. #3 by danigeorge25 on March 4, 2013 - 5:19 pm

    I love this! Do I get to wear fairy wings if you get married in a forest?

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