A Bad Week and a Better Week ~Venus

Hello everyone! Last week, I had a bad week.

Last Week

It started out fine in the beginning. Sunday,I learned more about my purpose which was AWESOME! It began with a  church service I watched online. I watch the church services of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral out of Georgia. Bishop Dale Bronner had prophesied towards the middle of his sermon and I boo hoo cried. lol.  Here are a few things that he said: “There are some things that we’ve been waiting on that you’ve been laboring for a long time. There will be a quick release. It will be a season of suddenlys. All you need is one phone call.Job said he waited for the things of an appointed time. God can put you on the map overnight for what you did overtime. Don’t be concerned with the speed but the direction. Divine acceleration!”. I was trying my best to write everything was saying but it was talking so fast and I was all caught up in God’s presence..lol..

A few yrs ago (2011) God revealed to me that my purpose involved working w/ women and girls. Every since then, I been trying to figure out the rest of the puzzle. Last Sunday, I  had a session with my life coach and she really helped me put things in perspective. I told her about my spiritual gifts and we  went over a few pages out of a workbook called You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth. If you go on her website, http://www.hollygerth.com you can download it for free! Anywho my life coach helped me to realize that I have been working in my spiritual gifts over the past few yrs. My spiritual gifts are exhortation, mercy, serving/helping/ministering, and pastor, teaching, and wisdom. Later on that night, I got on a prayer call and asked the host (she got on the call much later) to pray regarding my purpose. Before she prayed for me, she told me that God said that I already know what my purpose is and I don’t need confirmation. She told me all he was waiting to do was to walk in it. So of course, I cried again..lol..I was like ok God I get what you’re saying..lol..

In the middle of the week my laptop crashed. So I was super angry about that. I got into arguments with 2 people. I became so angry to the point I wanted to really punch people in the face and curse people out..I didn’t do that of course but I was really stressed out as well.  On top of that, I was putting together a powerpoint for a bible study (which was good) but I had to utilize that computer lab so I could work on it. One of my sorority sisters helped with the lesson and that made things easier for me. I began working later last week so that was draining me and making me tired.t a

Last Saturday I was mad because I got stood up for a date (dude didn’t contact me at all). We planned this date the week before. I didn’t hear from dude at all this week until I called him on last Friday. I contacted him twice and asked him to contact me. I was surprised that he picked up the phone when I called him. He told me that he had eaten some bad sushi and got sick (which is the reason supposedly he didn’t contact me). He told me that he was in the bed most of the week. I had a bad feeling the whole week about dude which I never had before since I’ve been talking to him. I should had went with my 1st mind and went to Montgomery for my fraternity brothers probate w/ my sorority sister that live in the same city as me. I texted him this week (4/14) and told him that I didn’t appreciate him standing me up and also to never ask me out on a date again.

I did something radical last week, I made pasta salad for the 1st time. I used linguine noodles, cherry tomatoes, a cucumber, Raspberry Poppy Seed dressing, and Southwest Chicken by Tyson. It turned out pretty good! =)

This Week

This week has been a LOT better. I have been stressed but it wasn’t anything like last week. I had a girl talk w/ my sorority sister that lives in the same city as me. She visited me at my apt and brought me a plate of dinner she cooked for her family. =) This week wasn’t that interesting. I led my 1st bible study today via a teleconference call which was radical! I was freaking out and stressing about it…lol..I felt relieved after the call was over. I was glad that God was with me because it turned out better than  I thought it was going to be. I’m still working late at work smh..Only 2 more weeks and it will be over. My roommate’s fiance fixed my laptop but it lost most of the programs that was on it. =( I have to pay him some money for fixing my laptop. My best friend will be staying (living) with me for a little while just until she gets her living situation together..She found out that she was pregnant on Friday so I’m going to be a god mother! =) YAY!! My best friend had a bad day today. It seemed like everything we wrong. =( I had entered a special giveaway for Wives in Waiting. The ministry was giving a way three books that my mentor wrote. I won a book! I was surprised because  I didn’t think that I was going to win anything. God Bless!


P.S. My friends and I are challenging each other on 1 of our Radical7even goals. My friend Kelly challenged me on my goal that involve me figuring out my purpose. She told me to ask 3 people to pray about my purpose daily. I asked my mentor, life coach, and a friend of mine to pray about it.

  1. #1 by Renee N. Smith on April 23, 2013 - 2:17 pm

    Hey hun!
    Congrats on being radical. Anytime we step out for God; He will step UP. so excited to see you walking in your purpose. I meant to ask if you volunteered to teach the Bible study or were selected. The boys had me running crazy so I missed it..but kudos for following through love you!

  2. #2 by starsinhereye on April 23, 2013 - 2:58 pm

    So glad you are working on your challenge! Keep being Radical!

  3. #3 by Venus on April 29, 2013 - 7:43 pm

    Thank ya’ll! I just saw that ya’ll commented on my post. Smh! To Nee: Yes, God did step up..He kicked in right when I needed it too when I was doing the bible study. Thank you for being excited for me! I’m excited as well! I volunteered myself for the bible study. I was surprised that I did that because my flesh was like what in the world are you doing? lol! You never taught a bible study before! I guess my spiritual side knew that I needed to do the bible study whereas my flesh side was like umm why did you volunteer yourself? lol. Aww to you missing the bible study! I know the kids have a lot of energy! lol! Thanks for your support!!! To Audrey: Thank you so much!!! Love you!!!

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