Waiting on My Moment ~Venus

Hello everyone! I’m writing this post out of frustration. I have no other word to use but that one..lol. I’m trying to figure out where to start w/ this post so I guess I start from somewhere. I’ve been single for about a yr and few weeks. It seems like the guys that have been coming my way has been going in the NEXT category. lol! I met a guy recently that was weird. When I met him, he was telling me about how he was. For example, he told me that he had a pottie mouth, he drinks but he doesn’t smoke, and that he believed in the Bible and God but didn’t follow the Bible. I ended up giving the guy my number (trying to be friendly) and when I talked to the guy on the phone he became even weirder to me. I was going to try to be friends w/ him and hang w/ him but at the advice of my friends and following my intuition, my friends told me that I should let him go. I was going to have a conversation w/ him to let him know that I was going to let him go but that conversation never happened because he never contacted me when I told him to. So I didn’t bother contacting him and I haven’t heard from him so oh well.

I don’t know but for some reason I attract guys that are the opposite of what I want. I’m getting frustrated because I want to meet a guy that is decent and has good head on is shoulders. I’m just tried of the bullcrap that I have to deal with regarding guys. Since I’ve been celibate a lot of guys don’t understand my reason for celibacy and they see that I don’t budge regarding my decision about that. The reason why I’m celibate is because I wanting until marriage to have sex. I just want to do things the right way. It seems like the guys in my age group (I’m 25 yrs old) want to party, have sex, drink/smoke, and just isn’t responsible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all men in my age group are like that but that’s what I often encounter. That’s not the type of man who I want in my life. I’m at the point of my life where I’m trying to get myself established and I want a guy that wants to settle down. I need a man who is shares the same values as me and has goals for himself. I don’t need in a man in my life that is trying to play any games. I’m past that level and I don’t have time for that. So until I meet a guy that is worthy of my time, I guess I will remain single! lol!

Another thing that I’m frustrated about is my career. I want a career so badly and it seems like things aren’t happening as fast as I would like to be. I know that I have to wait on God’s timing and also spend more time applying for jobs. I guess the thing is I expected my life to be somewhat different at my age. I don’t think I’m doing bad for myself but I do desire more and better for myself. I’m trying my best to hang in there but it gets discouraging at times especially when you don’t see results of what you are working towards right away. I have goals that I’m working on so I get where I want to be. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B in my life. I know that everything you do in life you have to take baby steps and it is a process. I guess I’m getting a little bit tired of waiting on things. My patience is definitely getting tested right now. I’m like ok God when am I going to have my moment (as in when will things turn around in my life) and how much longer do I have to wait? I’m trying to do my best by keeping myself encouraged and pressing but it gets hard sometimes. I hope that this post doesn’t sound like I’m complaining but I just want to be more established than I am now and I don’t want have to work so hard (I know that you have to work hard to get what you want but dang a girl gets tired lol). So just keep in your prayers and post some encouraging scriptures or stories when you reply to this post. I sure can use them. God bless!


P.S. I was happy to see one of friends that I haven’t seen in a while this week. I also met his daughter. =) I was also happy that my mom enjoyed her Mother’s Day dinner that I cooked for her and the cupcake I bought for her. Yesterday I hung out w/ my sorority sister which was fun and Tuesday I hung out w/ my best friend and her boyfriend at the mall. I really need to work on getting out the house until I go back to work at the end of the month. I’m so not used to sitting still!

I also wanted to mention that last week my mentor Chante Truscott talked about waiting on God on a teleconference call called the the Hour Prayer. She talked about the story of Sarah and Hannah. She compared their stories. She discussed how Sarah got impatient even when God promised her and Abraham that they were going to have a child. You know in the story that Abraham laid w/ Hagar because Sarah felt that God was taking to long to bless them. The story of Hannah is different. Hannah prayed for God to give her son because she was barren. God blessed Hannah with her son Samuel. The gist of my mentor’s message was to wait on God because he always keep his promises. My mentor said that in the period of waiting we get frustrated and we sometimes take things into our own hands because we want to speed up the process. The story of Hannah can be found in 1st Samuel 1 & 2. The story of Sarah and Abraham can be found in Genesis 15-18 (the story of God promising them a son and the outcome). By the way please like my mentor’s ministry page Wives in Waiting on Facebook. Also check out her website http://www.wivesinwaiting.com. Her ministry is a blessing!

  1. #1 by Renee N. Smith on May 20, 2013 - 4:15 pm

    Dating can bring about some very interesting and sometimes stressful situations. I would try and focus on the fact that you are not settling just because you are wanting some companionship. Everyone that is in a relationship is not always happy and so it’s good to focus on the fact that you are waiting for the right one. In God’s timing it will all come together just like it is supposed to. And you are talking to the reformed “cat lady”, the more I let go of certain expectations and really asked God to give me what He had..everything fell into place. The more you focus on His will everything else will line up.love you!

  2. #2 by Venus on May 20, 2013 - 7:53 pm

    Hey Nee! Thank you for commenting! Yeah dating is frustrating…lol! I get tired of lame dudes! I be like Lord can I just meet someone that is decent! lol! No settling here! lol! I learned my lesson from that! I guess I’m just growing a little impatient on waiting for the one he has for me. God knows I be having my rants w/ him. lol! Lol @ reformed cat lady! Thanks for the advice! I will definitely try my best to let go of some of the expectations I have. I think what I want in a man is realistic. Love you too! ~Venus

  3. #3 by starsinhereye on May 20, 2013 - 8:25 pm

    Dating is tricky. You need to pray for God to move this area of your life. It seems the devil is tempting you and trying to get you to follow a different path. Also, let God move you to different places. Meeting guys on campus leads to that party mentality. I moved outside of my comfort zone and God led me to a very responsible nerd. Don’t be afraid to let the spirit move you. But I am so proud you are not giving in! That is truly Radical!
    On the job front, you need to have patience. Too many people in our generation do not think they have to put in their time with petty and frustrating jobs outside our fields. You and I have both done so, But you will be where God wants you to be. Sometimes you needs you to learn something. Personally, I needed to know how service people felt so I could treat all of God’s worker with grace and compassion. But keep up with the applications; that is how you get somewhere!

    • #4 by Venus on May 21, 2013 - 9:29 am

      Hey Audrey Bear! Thank you so much for commenting! Believe that I have been praying tons about dating! Lol! It seems like I attract the opposite of what I want. Thanks for being proud of me! =) I’m working on the patience thing! Boy is it hard! Girl, I know how frustrating it is doing the job I currently do (lol) so I respect those that are in food service, retail, & other jobs. I know they are days when I be at work & I be like Lord how in the world do I do what I do dealing w/ craziness on the job. I work super hard! My co-workers tell me all the time that I’m a hard worker. Thanks so much for your advice & words of encouragement! Love you! ~Venus~

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