My Questions to God- Renee`

There have been quite a few things that have happened over the last few weeks some good, some not so good. The “not so good”  has lead me to a place of questioning.

I read the news online quite often and I often times read the comments after news stories. The comments sometimes are humorous, but some border on disrespectful and down right hateful. I have noticed over the last several months when tragedy strikes ( a shooting at a school, tornadoes ripping through communities, children dying of cancer etc) the most common questions I see are: 1) where was God and 2) IF there was a God why would He allow such horrible things happen to people who are seemingly completely innocent.

I don’t ask where was He, but I do ask..why? God, who is all knowing and all seeing; why would you let a child die? Why would you not stop a rape, robbery or murder? why? Those are hard questions for me to even try to piece together. 

When I was younger, my dad would always warn me about questioning God and He would point to God’s answers to Job’s questions (Job 38-41). But honestly, I think it’s OK to ask Him questions. If God is to be seen as a loving Father-I think He would want me to come to Him with everything..and sometimes although it is painful. I think He would even welcome my questions. I have asked God these questions every single time i see these atrocities. And I don’t think I am any closer to the answers just yet. But I will keep believing and researching until something clicks. I know that He has given us all free-will and unfortunately not everyone on this planet uses that gift for good. I know that if I believe in God I must also believe in evil; that there is darkness as well as light in this world. 

In those times of tragedy, I also see people who stand up, those who risk their own safety to save others. Those who donate money, time, effort to help people piece back their lives. Maybe this is where God is; maybe He’s the hug you give to someone hurting when you just don’t know what to say, Maybe He’s the bread you give to someone who is hungry, Maybe He is the patient worker to a child who can’t find their mother or father. I don’t know. Maybe God is everywhere including inside of us..and He uses us in times of devastation to be His arms, legs and heart. I know this answer sounds oversimplified to someone who doesn’t believe; it actually might even sound like nonsense. IF God is all-powerful then why not stop all these things from happening in the first place?

The only other thing I can offer is the Bible. During the time Jesus walked the earth performing miracles some still refused to believe.Even those who followed Him at times were not able to perform miracles, because they lacked faith (Luke 9:37-44). I don’t have all the answers-I never claimed to. I know that annoys people who don’t believe and they see “faith” as a complete cop out. But honestly science does not have all the answers, but people still allow for error with them. Scientists have time to do experiments and collect data and even then it might be inconclusive. The same thing with faith; I cannot prove to you without a shadow of a doubt that Heaven is real; that reading and studying what I consider the Word of God will change your life. All I can do is give you evidence (or what I believe to be) evidence in my life. There are things in life we cannot explain; I have no idea where the dinosaurs were when Adam and Eve walked the earth- I don’t hide that. All I can say is I believe that all of our questions will be answered one day. Maybe not in this life time. But in my walk with God; I believe that in the end the nonsense will make sense. I can’t tel you why or how..or even if something bad happened to me that I wouldn’t be mad at God, because I’ve been mad before. BUT I can say that above all..I honestly choose to believe that this all..everything good, bad, for some reason above my own process. I hope I get the answers I desperately crave to have now..that would be awesome..BUT if I don’t.. I will hold my questions until I see Him face to face



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  1. #1 by secretangelps911 on June 3, 2013 - 7:01 pm

    I can honestly tell you that I have so broken by the abuses of this world that I could not see through my darkness. I now feel that God allows us to go through all of the pain and suffering, not only to help others but also as a test of faith to see if we will reach for Him or reach for things of this world. He wants us to be overcomers of this world just as Christ overcame the world. Yes, there are many questions, but we all need to hang onto the only ONE who can give us the answers.. Bless you…

    • #2 by Renee N. Smith on June 7, 2013 - 5:40 pm

      Life can be so hard and people at times can heap the abuse. I am so glad that we do have an Advocate on our behalf. Thank you so much for sharing your view, because like you I believe that we are interconnecting and what I go through may help someone else.
      Blessings unto you as well

      • #3 by secretangelps911 on June 7, 2013 - 5:43 pm

        Amen… God bless you and guide your path..

  2. #4 by Audrey on June 3, 2013 - 7:13 pm

    I love that you appreciate good and bad. Some people do not believe. But you are correct, if their is good their is evil. I love your strength to take yoru questions to God and believe that he will inform you in time. You are so Radical/

    • #5 by Renee N. Smith on June 7, 2013 - 5:31 pm

      Hey somehow I missed this! Thanks so much for the support. I hope we all get answers to those deeply thought questions

  3. #6 by Venus on June 3, 2013 - 8:11 pm

    Great post Nee! I hate to see all the tragedy that has happened recently but I believe that God is there for us through tragedy. I’m glas ri see our country cone together for times like these. I wish I has the answers just like you for why bad things happen but it is what it is. Love you! ~Venus

  4. #7 by Renee N. Smith on June 3, 2013 - 8:40 pm

    Thanks Venus! It bothers my heart to see this, but to also witness some of this semi-personally has been hard too. what do you say to someone that has a hurt so deep words are not enough? Those are the tough issues that I think sometimes the religious communities have a hard time dealing with or don’t deal with at all. It’s so much easier to say God will take care of you when it’s not something life changing as a death or life threatening illness. I know ALL things are possible, but not ALL of God’s answers to our prayers are yes..and what do we do in those times.

  5. #8 by Delores on June 4, 2013 - 1:54 am

    Very touching,in a time of need.when you don’t know just ask GOD he will let you No.But always try to listen.

  6. #9 by Kelly Cromer on June 7, 2013 - 4:23 am

    Same page Renee. I enjoyed reading that. You gave words to my thoughts.

    • #10 by Renee N. Smith on June 7, 2013 - 5:31 pm

      🙂 so glad I could. I was concerned this would turn out all…cooky..

  7. #11 by Venus on June 13, 2013 - 3:31 am

    You’re welcome Nee! I understand what you’re saying. I see that I had typos smh!!! I meant to say that I’m glad that to see to see our country come together for times like these. I don’t know how I missed those typos! I probably was tired and sleepy when I wrote my comment.

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