My Life in July ~Venus

Hey everyone!! So this month has been a little crazy. I worked quite a bit and also had some time off from work. Last Tuesday was my last day of work for the summer camps. Summer camp has been crazy! We fed the kids that were on campus for different summer camps such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, and cheerleading, etc. Sometimes we had over 600 kids we had to feed during meals. The amount of kids we had to fed each meal varied. For example, we could have 125 for breakfast, 300 for lunch, and 500 for dinner. When we would have a lot of kids to feed, we would run out of food. We would have to scramble to put find food to feed them. Everyday the kids had cheese/pepperoni pizza, pasta, the salad bar, chocolate/vanilla pudding, fruit cocktail, cookies (different kinds of course), red/green apples, oranges, and bananas.

I had to deal some difficult people this summer. They were people who usually didn’t work in my building and were older than me (old enough to be my mom). They really tested my patience!! They always had something to say to me about something that I wasn’t doing or they were just being picky! Over the summer I was responsible for prepping food and putting it out on the line (food line). I made pizzas, put out desserts, baked cookies, worked the salad bar, served food for all the meals within the day (not all at once). I did a lot of morning shifts during the summer. I’m not used to that. I had to be work at 5:30a.m. (a lot) or 6a.m. and get off around 12:30p.m. or 1p.m. I also did evening shifts from 3:30p.m.-7:30p.m. I’m just glad that during the fall semester, I’ll be going to back to my regular work shift (night shift).

So this is very random but I was mad that I didn’t have BBQ on the 4th of July. It rained mostly all day. I’m used to my family having cookouts for the 4th and my family didn’t do anything this yr. =( I had my heart set on some soul food and I got nothing! lol! I also was suppose to meet someone on the 4th and that didn’t happen. So I was upset about that too. Me and him met the next day though. =)

I haven’t done that many things that were radical for the month. I bought some pistachio nuts because I see pistachios commercial all the time on tv…lol. Well I tried them and I don’t like them that much..They kind of taste like peanuts..They just taste weird to me so I won’t be buying them again. I gave the bag of pistachios to my friend because I didn’t want them to go to waste. I met someone from dating website a few weeks ago and I really like him (I will be talking more about him in my next blog post).

I completed a 8 day absolute fast on Sunday. It was an assignment that my mentor gave me for this month. O began my fast on Sunday, July 21st. That fast was rough! It was 12 hrs w/o food, no internet (unless it was spiritually related tv, and phone calls. I spent time reading the bible, watching/listening to sermons, praying, and listening to music. I learned from my fast that I’m capable of not eating food during 12 did eat a very tiny amount of food (less than the size of the palm of my hand) on last Monday and last Tuesday. I bought a new shirt that says I’m So Worth It to model for a ministry called Confessions of a Christian Single. You can visit the FB page by that name and the website I got a new roommate last Monday. The roommates I had last yr moved out. One moved out in July and the other one in August. So it’s been my roommate that live on my side and I for a couple of months. We have to get adjusted to having a new roommate now.

I’m the Director of the Mamie Reese Scholarship Fund for my sorority. I realized earlier this week that I sent out the wrong scholarship applications (applications from last yr) to some people.. Smh! The only way I found out that I made that mistake was by looking at some e-mails that I sent out w/ the scholarship application. I had to sent out a massive e-mail apologizing to everyone for sending out the wrong application and I had to attach the correct application (the one from this yr) to the e-mail. Again, I didn’t send out the wrong application to everyone but I thought it was fair to extend the deadline for the scholarship because of the mistake I made. I had to extend the deadline for the scholarship to August 14th. The deadline originally was August 10th. I figured out how I made the mistake. The name that I saved the scholarship application for this yr is different from the name I saved it from last yr. I guess I thought it was the same thing..Smh!

I found out some exciting news..My best friend is having a girl!!! =) She found out the sex of her baby a few weeks ago. She is 4 months pregnant. She will be having her baby in December. =) I’m happy that I’m going to be a Godmother for the first time! That’s all I have for now. God bless!


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