Vroom, Vroom **Danielle**

Radical Year 1, I was blessed with a car. It was such an awesome feeling to have finally gotten something that I had been wanting since before I got my driver’s license. With most used cars, there will always be some problem (hopefully small in nature and price) that will need to be fixed. Well, with Betty Ford (that’s what I call her), 2012-2013 has been the year of repairs. Here’s a quick rundown:

*Starter replaced– December 2012
*Radiator replaced– March 2013
* Radiator Cap replaced– March 2013
*Water hose to water pump– June 2013
*Water Pump replaced– June/July
*Replaced Spark Plugs– August 2013
*Fuel Filter Replacement– August 2013

As you may have noticed, some of the repairs happened back to back. I wish I could say that I went through each of these situations with joy in my heart and peace in my soul, but I didn’t. With each situation, there were moments of anger and worrying–some moments lasting longer than I would have liked. During those times, there was a couple of thing that I came to a conclusion and would like to share.

1. With each repair, there was something I learned about my car and I feel will be beneficial to me when I buy my next new used car or just for general knowledge to help out a friend. For example, a quality flashlight is your friend. It will help you see if there are any cracks, like in your radiator and will allow higher visibility which searching for problems.

Here are two useful websites for used cars and maintenance:



2. God is Bigger than any problem I will ever face. He is bigger than us and our emotions. He is bigger that what any man can say or do!!

Not to us, Lord, not to us
    but to your name be the glory,
    because of your love and faithfulness. Psalms 115:1

Still Pushing with a Wrench in my Pocket,


  1. #1 by starsinhereyeblog on September 10, 2013 - 8:43 pm

    Look at you becoming a master of your own car! So radical!
    Cars in general are costly. They don’t stay new for long. LoL
    keep pushing girl!

  2. #2 by Venus on September 11, 2013 - 5:05 am

    Hey Dani! I’m glad that God blessed you w/ a car! Thanks for sharing the lessons that you learned! Love you! ~Venus

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