End of Year 2 ~Venus

Hello everyone! Here is my last post the end of year 2 for Radical7even! Below is my last update of my goals.


1.) To get a job in my field. -So I haven’t gotten a job in my field. I have applied to a couple of places. The places that I have heard back from told me that they chose someone else for the positions that  I have applied for.  Job searching/applying for jobs to me is a little bit discouraging. A part of me is like why even try. I hope to have better luck next go around!

2.) To get my permit and hopefully a driver’s license.- No progress on this goal.

3.) To discover my life’s purpose by spending time with God through reading the bible, prayer, and fasting.-I’ve made a lot of progress on this goal thanks to my friend Kelly for challenging me!  My life coach, one of my other female friends (let’s call her “CD”), and mentor have been very helpful!

4.) To have the College Transition Program up and running by next year. – Well the program is not up and running yet. However, it’s in progress. As of right now, I’m waiting on getting additional help (as in a team of people to help me w/ the program).

5.) To go on dates whether it’s by myself or w/ guys. – Well I haven’t been on a lot of dates w/ myself and guys. Smh! I really need to work on doing things that are fun.  I have hung out w/ friends so that’s a little of something fun. As far as guys are concerned, I’ve been on less than 5 dates.  So not too much progress on this goal.

6.) To learn new recipes! -I’ve been doing great w/ this goal!! I have made a variety of things such as turkey burger sliders, enchiladas,  and barbecue meatballs. I’ve cooked a little bit more than I listed. I’m proud of myself!

7.) To learn how to do my natural hair. -I’m made some progress with this goal. I have learned how to flat twist my hair, bantu knots, and a french roll w/ a pompadour.  The biggest challenge  that I’m having right now is detangling my hair. I have learned that it is best to detangle my hair in small sections but I still be having a hard time. Smh! I also having issues w/ dandruff and dry scalp. I’m working on finding products that can help w/ both issues.

So there you have it, the last update on my goals! Year 2  of Radical7even has had its moments of ups and downs! I’ve seen a lot of growth within myself. I had to face my “demons” and learn how to overcome some things (I’m still working on it). I’ve learned to be honest w/ myself and also w/ God. I hope that Year 3 of Radical7even will be awesome not only for me but also my friends!! I can’t wait to blog about it!! =) God bless!


  1. #1 by starsinhereye on September 12, 2013 - 8:21 pm

    I am proud of you for what you have accomplished. But I am curious? What stalled with the license? Did you get the learner’s permit book? Also, I know you didn’t go on a large number of dates but I am proud of you for kicking any guy that wasn’t good enough to the curb. You respected yourself and that is so radical!

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