“I’m waking up to ash and dust,

I wipe my brown

And I sweat my rust.”

“Radioactive”, Imagine Dragons

Last year, I decided to give each year a theme from a song. Last year was California 37 by Train, and I used it as a way to get on track with my spiritual path. This year it’s “Radioactive”; I have been changed for good by this journey and want to keep transforming. So follow me on my Year 3 journey.


  1. 1. Accept and Learn to Live with my Diagnosis

Those who have been reading my blogs know that I have been dealing with health issues. It seems I may have an autoimmune disease. I want to take this stride and still live my life. I want to accept what I can’t change but make the most of my life. No lying down and whining for me. I will still be myself and accept the diagnosis as part of my self.

imagine dragons radioactive2. Forgiveness

I plan to truly work on forgiveness. It has been a struggle for me to forgive some people who have hurt me in my life. My goal is plan more effective strategies for forgiving as well as praying God to truly lift me of this burden. You’ll probably see some “amends” blog as I travel down this path.

163168_538596262964_1412821_n3. Crafts

I have been busy and sick and stressed. I have not had much drive to so anything fun. I have hardly done any crafts and crafting makes me happy. I am almost done with a scrapbook for Kelly’s son that just needs finishing touches if I would just do it. My goal is to work on one craft project each month and allow my creativity to shine. I have already succeeded for September: I created congratulations cards for all my R7 girls for completing Year 2. I am just much happier when I use my creativity.

4. gwen_30day_spa_bannerSpiritual Readings

I started a Psalms Summer Program this year and didn’t finish it. Like my crafts I want to pick back up with my daily readings and not just the devotional I get in my e-mail each day. My goal is to finish the Summer Psalms as well as read the 5 spiritual books I already own.

budget_pie5. Budget

This is recycled from last year. I completed half my money goal: I started a saving account. This year I plan to create a formal budget. I am already to doing an informal one: all my medical bills requiring dolling out small portions as well as my regular bills and everyday needs.


6. Patience

I am an overachiever. I try hard, I learn quickly, I am open with my emotions, and I of above average intelligence. This is not meant to brag at all. I am putting you in my mind set. Because of these things, I tend to hold people to higher standards. I believe that because I can do things others can too. That is not fair to any. I am going to work on my patience with my boyfriend and dealing with his slow rate of expressing emotions. I am going to be patient with my friends who have their own way of showing their love. I will be patient with my co-workers as they learn more about their profession. I have to remember that people have their own talents, times lines, and special assets. They should all be celebrated.

7. Slow Down

I have to slow down. Being sick has shown me that my old way of living (go-go-go-go 200 percent) is not okay. I worry too much and stress out too much. I must take things at a slower pace and work on one thing at a time. I also mean literally slow down. I walk fast but my body can’t handle that. I need to rest more. So this year I will work on being healthy by not over doing it.

So there you go Radical readers! I’m ready for Year 3!

  1. #1 by Renee N. Smith on September 20, 2013 - 7:03 pm

    Love love love your goals. I think they are great and well reflective of where you are. I also love seeing your crafts it always makes me smile and some times you know LOL but you are talented. Can’t wait to see what this year holds for you!

  2. #2 by Venus on September 21, 2013 - 1:31 am

    Hey Audrey Bear!! I love that word “radioactive”! That’s so radical!! Great goals!!! I didn’t do a good job w/ the Gwen Smith challenge! I completely failed w/ my readings! I hope that you do a better job than me! I love the pics you put in this post!! I would love to see pics of your crafts!! Love you! ~Venus

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