Done and Done- Year 2….it’s been real. *Gem*

Wow ! Made it through an unbelievable 2nd year and I have come out feeling blessed and grateful. (and sleepy) .My blogging was not the best this past radical year but I am pleased with the ways I challenged myself and have high hopes for Rad7 Year 3. Here’s a summary of my goals and progress made.

Learn to cook ten meals– Halfway through the Rad year this goal changed to “eat healthier.” I decided that I wanted to incorporate fruits and vegetables into my diet and stay away from anything fried , foods with white flour and continue to keep my sweet intake at a minimum. Currently I eat fruit at least twice a day and I have vegetables with either lunch or dinner or both. I am currently obsessed with cucumbers, bell peppers, watermelon, pineapples, grapes and plantains and I am delighted to announce that they have taken the place of bread, chips and cookies!!!

Decrease Debt/Increase savings– This goal went nowhere. Sad face. I am not poorer but I am not richer either. I am thankfully working and paying bills pretty much the same way and continuing to be my thrifty self. Thankfully I am close to a career move that will significantly raise my income and I hope to arrive at that place within the next few months! This is definitely a goal that I will recycle.

 Find a home church– Total success. This is probably the most important goal in the world for me. I desperately wanted to find somewhere that I could fellowship ,receive the word and just be connected to things that help me feel positive and enriched. I found that place that I can call home. I took a very long time to actually get the nerve to go to church and there were a few failed attempts. I remember one night in particular about 3 months ago I took my clothes out the night before (which is something I never do- I pick my clothes out about at random after I take my morning shower with little thought ) and put the address of the church in my GPS only to wake up the next morning sick as ever. The devil was busy because he saw my preparation .I was so discouraged so I just went online on the church’s website and read everything that I had been reading for about a month. I eventually found the link to one of the  pastor ‘s  Facebook and began following her posts and one day a post screamed at me , it said “Don’t let anything keep you from church on Sunday that won’t keep you from work on Monday” and I decided that I didn’t care what happened when I woke up that morning , I was going to church. BEST DECISION EVER. I have attended almost every Sunday for the past 2-½ months and I have brought friends and family with me. I have even gone on Wednesday night after work ! I love love love….did I tell you LOVE my church.

Create a home office–  I turned the dining room area into a makeshift office. It doesn’t have bookshelves or anything fancy but the only things in the space are work related! This is not going to be a recycled goal because basically in the grand scheme of things…my office is wherever I end up doing paperwork and I have so much paperwork to do that I do paperwork everywhere and well…that’s about it . But for the most part if you glance over there in the corner you will see a desk and chair and my printer/scanner/faxer/copier and pictures on the walls, books, stacks of papers and other things that signify “this is where fun goes to die

Volunteer–  This is a goal that I did not prioritize. In the beginning I started looking online for something that I could do but I think that an efficient way to spend my time giving back could be connected to what I already do. I have tried whenever possible to do things for my clients or people I work with that are not necessarily things that I get paid for . In my mind it helps to know that if I can help , I will. In the mental health field there are so many ways to lend my time, skills and connection to resources to the community. I did not find somewhere to volunteer but I certainly tried my best and make the most of my time with my clients.

Meditate– I feel very successful with this goal. It has taken on new life for me with regards to making sure positive vibes are all around me. I have had to set strict boundaries to ensure I keep my peace. Peace is important to me because when I am stressed I become physically ill and it only starts a cycle of negativity and unhealthy thinking that I can’t afford to subject myself to. I have meditated in the formal sense. I have also consistently found bible verses and positive thoughts to  “meditate” on. Most importantly ,I am acutely aware that if I give too much airtime to something stressful it usually stresses me out further ,so I keep talking about stressful things to a minimum. So once I have aired it once or twice ,I sincerely try to give it to God and let it go and in return accept God’s peace and choose to meditate on something positive. This has helped my mental health soooooo much and I am a happier ,less anxious ,less neurotic person.

Overcome guilt– Definite improvement with this goal but still a work in progress. One of the biggest factors that contributed to my guilt was the repercussion of setting boundaries. I was afraid of upsetting people or feeling bad about not explaining myself to people and I have let some of that go. As I mentioned before ,peace is so important to me and taking care of your self does not mean that you are selfish. It’s important to do things and make decisions that ultimately make you happy and less stressed because truthfully , the best way to be available to people is at optimal health. The better you feel emotionally , the more emotionally available you are to the people in your life.

So that’s the wrap up folks!! I  am still living in the here and now and taking things one day at a time. Thanks for taking those steps with me.

Always….one day at a time,


  1. #1 by starsinhereye on September 21, 2013 - 7:34 pm

    I am so proud of a your accomplishments! Peace is a great gift and thank God that you have good tools to accomplish that! Love you!

  2. #2 by radical7even on September 24, 2013 - 9:23 pm

    I love your wrap up and I am so happy for you with all the progress that you made!


  3. #3 by Venus on October 5, 2013 - 6:18 am

    Hey Gem! I don’t know how I missed this post! :-\ Anywho great post! I’m happy to hear that you found a church home that you love! =) I’m proud of your progress! On your decrease debt/increase savings goal you should give yourself some credit. I remember that you told use that you set up an account w/ CreditKarma. That was a start in the direction! =) I’m happy hear that meditation has helped you! I think we all need some meditation in our lives! I agree w/ Audrey that having peace is a great gift! Having peace is important. Not having peace leaves you restless and w/ an uneasy mind. Love you! ~Venus

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