2013 & My Hopes for 2014 ~Venus

Hello everyone! This year has been interesting. I wouldn’t say overall it hasn’t been a bad year. I definitely learned a lot of myself. I learned more about my weaknesses and worked on trying to overcome them. I had to face my issues and that was really hard. However, it was very much needed so I could move forward.

One of the powerful lessons that I had to learn that things will happen when they are supposed to regarding a relationship. I was anxious to be in a relationship again (I don’t have no real prospects lol) but I realized that I will be in one when the time is right and w/ the right person. I realized that timing is everything(read Ecclesiastes 3). Things will happen whenever they are supposed to happen.   I have to work on myself and be healed (whole) before even considering being with someone else. Yes, it would feel good to be w/ someone but if you’re not healed you will end up causing more damage to yourself and the person you’re with. You’ve heard the saying hurt people, hurt people. I heard someone say that that two hurt people can’t heal each other. I agree with that. I also had to make God a priority and spend more time w/ him.

I also learned that I allowed one life event (failing my internship in college my senior year) paralyze me to the point, I kind of gave up on life. When I say give up, I don’t mean as in wanting to commit suicide but I stopped living and caused that event to make me not want to try when it came to a career. I lost the confidence in myself. I’m working on building myself up even though it’s hard sometimes when I hear the negative voices in my head telling I can’t do something.

I hope in 2014 that I’ll be open to give love and receive it. Maybe I’ll be in relationship, who knows! I’m not in a hurry to be in one though. I want to give new people a chance. I admit that when it comes to meeting new people or getting to know people, I’m hesitant. I prefer sticking to people I know. lol! I have to remember that everyone I know were new to me at one point. I also want to take more risks  (dealing w/ opportunities) even though they may be scary. I want to conquer fear! I want to build up my faith. I would like to have a program that my assistant and I been working on up and running. I really want a new change of scenery as in a new job. We shall see what 2014 has in store! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! God bless!


I just wanted to share this video, it touched me.

  1. #1 by starsinhereye on January 6, 2014 - 4:01 pm

    I am so glad you were able to pinpoint your issues! This will make it easier to adapt and fix them! Wishing you love and luck in 2014!

    • #2 by Venus on January 9, 2014 - 12:31 am

      Thank you Audrey Bear! I really could use the luck! Lol! Love you! ~Venus

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