Wrapping Up December ~ Venus

Hello everyone! So this month wasn’t really exciting…Lol! My last day of work was Dec. 13th.  I went to my job’s Christmas party and that was cool. I invited my mom to the party. I was mad I had to work the day of the party though. I had to bring my outfit and hygiene products w/ me to work because I knew I wouldn’t have the chance to go home and change clothes. We had shrimp cocktail, turkey, roast beef, green beans, salad, cheese and crackers, rolls, apple pie, pecan pie, chocolate cake, queso, chips, cheese sticks (they weren’t mozzarella), sweet potato casserole, grits, and broccoli casserole.

The 13th was also the day my Goddaughter was born. Here name is Ja’Kiya Alexis. She was 5 pounds, 8oz, and 19 inches. Oh course the 13th was Friday the 13th.. Lol!  I forgot to mention that Beyonce shocked everybody w/ the release of her album on the 13th. lol! I was laid off of from work earlier this month and I’ve been really bored. I did volunteer at the clinic this month & my 1st transgender client. That was interesting. I filed for unemployment.

I went home for 5 days but not in a row though. My family had a gathering  to celebrate for Christmas on Dec. 21st so I went home for that weekend. I also went home on Christmas Eve and stayed until Christmas. I didn’t get a lot of Christmas gifts. I got money/ a card from my mom, books/candles/scented soap/candle holder/candy from my co-worker (we did secret Santa at work), and from my female friend “CD” I got candles/candy/a card. I also received Christmas cards from my friends! I know it wasn’t a Christmas present but I love getting cards from my friends! I have every card/letter that my friends have given me.

I attempted to declutter my room, I still have a little bit of a long way to go. Working on decluttering my room was one of my Radical7even goals. I made some avocado conditioner for my hair and put some oils in it. I didn’t like it. I’m trying to do natural remedies to put moisture in my hair. I also added some coconut milk in my tropical coconut conditioner. My hair liked it. =) I finally learned how to detangle my hair! My friend Danielle gave me the suggestion of detangling my hair into smaller sections. It worked! lol! I parted my hair into eight sections. I combed each section of my hair and used my Denman brush to detangle. I blow dried  my hair w/ the Denman brush and then braided each section after I got finished. When I usually detangle my hair  in four sections because I be trying to get it over with. lol! I really hate doing my hair sometimes especially when I have to wash it, condition it, blow dry it, and detangle it. It’s like an all day event. lol!

One of my female friends visited me this month & I was so happy to see her! She spent the night. =) I went to my best friend’s house the other day to visit my Goddaughter. Let’s just say that things didn’t go as planned yesterday and I was in a funk for the rest of the day.  I also was stressed about trying to figure how to get healthcare.

I took it upon myself to take care of a cat my roommate was keeping. She wasn’t at home for a few days so I bought the cat some food because it was out and it was going HAM (that means going crazy or mad) being stuck in her room. I had let the cat out of her room a few times so it wouldn’t feel trapped. I also cleaned it’s litter box (well scooped out the poop). The cat was very whiny though. The whining drove my other roommate and I crazy! lol!I can’t think of anything else to add to this post. So on that note, God bless! lol!


P.S. I really enjoyed the movies that came on Lifetime this month such as Bonnie & Clyde, Dear Secret Santa, The Wrong Woman, and Taken  for Ransom to name a few. Lifetime has awesome movies coming out next year! I can’t wait! I LOVE LIFETIME! lol! I love it so much, I downloaded the app on my phone. lol!

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