My January Part 2 ~Venus

Hey everyone! I forgot to add some details in my last post so I’m adding it to this one. Earlier this month I got on my first bible study teleconference call w/ The Pinky Promise Movement. I’m a member of the ministry. Heather Lindsey’s message was “You’re Pregnant w/ Purpose”. She described as being pregnant w/ purpose as going through trimesters like an actual pregnancy. She used the trimesters as stages w/ dealing w/ purpose. I thought her message was pretty good!

I was visited by two young ladies that were Mormons (they knocked on my door). I’ve met w/ them two times after the first meeting. I have to say that it was my 1st time actually learning about the Mormon religion. It’s quite interesting. Some of the beliefs that Mormons have I believe but some of their views are different from mine. For example, they believe that there is a place of preparation and learning in the afterlife. The place of preparation and learning is a place where your spirit goes to have one more chance to hear about the gospel and accept it. I don’t believe that before you die, you have to make the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and live for him. They young ladies gave me the Book of Mormon, told me to read it, and pray for God for truth. As of right now, I’m not interested in being a Mormon. However, I don’t mind learning more about it or other religions.

Last week,  I received a letter from unemployment stating that I needed to reschedule my appointment w/ at Career Center not far from where I live. Earlier this month, they sent me a note in the mail stating that I needed to report to the Career Center by the 16th and to take an assessment. In the comment section of that letter, I put that I returned back to work on the 9th and that I was unable to attend the appointment at the Career Center. I also mentioned the name of my employer. So I had to send the 2nd letter (the letter I received last week) to a call center in another city and restate what I wrote on the 1st letter they sent me. I realized after I received the second letter from unemployment in the mail, that I sent the first letter to the wrong address (I thought I sent it to the right one). Smh! I sent the first letter to the Unemployment Office and was supposed to send it to the Career Center. I realized why I received the second!  It’s my fault for  not reading the first letter close enough.I ended up taking pics both of the letters and sent the photographed copies to both the Career Center and Call Center. I just hope that this whole ordeal don’t mess me up for when I have to file for unemployment again. Dealing w/ that whole ordeal stressed me out. Since I’ve been receiving unemployment, I never been asked to report to a Career Center if I haven’t returned back to work. I was picked out of x amount of people to do an assessment and go to an appointment w/ a Career Center. Anywho God bless!


P.S. I had my first teleconference call w/ Empowermoments this month. It was awesome! I had a discussion w/ my best friend about our friendship..I just hope that she understood where I was coming from. Tuesday in snowed in my city. The weather was pretty bad in my area and other cities. I had to work on Tuesday and Wednesday. One of my co-workers was nice enough to give me a ride to and from work both of those days.

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