I’m Waking Up~Audrey

“I’m waking up
I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow”
“Radioactive” Imagine Dragons

Time for the Six Month Check in for my yearly goals. I am making some progress.

1.      Accept and Learn to Live with my Diagnosis

staterepsSo I finally have a “diagnosis.” I have both autoimmune and immune deficiency issues. I either do not create enough antibodies in my blood or they are washed out by my kidney disease.  I also have Lupus anticoagulant. This does not mean I have lupus, but means I am at high risks of blood clots. Now I just need a treatment plan to keep moving with my diagnosis and life. My two doctors are working closely on this and a treatment plan is on the horizon. I haven’t given up on life and have planned fun trips and shared my story.

2. Forgiveness


There is a special prayer in my new prayer book that has truly helped me. I read this prayer often and meditate on the message. I have also read up a lot on forgiveness from spiritual and Biblical perspectives. I am slowly forgiving, and I am already feeling the peace that comes with forgiveness. I think that peace is helping me emotionally and therefore physically. So this goal is moving along slowly but it’s moving.


3. Crafts

9781438001357I have done some crafting. I am still behind of some of the Christmas presents for my friends. Opps! But this keeps me working every month and lets them know I do love them even though we are all so far apart now. My next project will be decoupaging a prayer box. I plan to put my favorite bible verses, inspirational picture, and quotes on the box. I will write out my prayers and put them in this box allowing me to do something physical with my prayers helping my body relieve tension and stress.

4. Spiritual Readings


I have finished two of the five books and have started on a third. I finished Girl Meets God and Heaven is for Real. I am currently reading “And the Angels Were Silent” by Max Lucado.  I know where my Psalm study is….I just haven’t done any of it. My daily devotional reading has slipped but I am trying to get ahead of that again. I also have a great prayer book called “God’s Help for Your Every Need: 101 Life Changing Prayers” that I read a lot. It truly has a prayer for almost every situation.  This has been a strong guide for me.  Overall, not too bad on this one.


5. Budget

thI have finished paying off my hospital bills! Whoo hoo! Now to budget for any new bills due to my illness. At the moment, these numbers are not yet clear.  I have almost paid off all my other debt (except my car loan) and I feel really good about this. It’s been about nine years in the making. I have a pretty decent saving account but still need to keep it going no matter what. I don’t have written out budget but I have been doing well mentally preparing. But I need a pen-and-paper budget and stick to it to really meet this goal.

6. Patience

1375134_616608531724233_1800269608_nI am learning patience especially with allowing loved ones to express themselves in their own manner than what I should expect. When I do this, I embrace them fully and allow myself not to be disappointed by misreading of others. I have given each of my Radical 7even coparts a challenge and watched how they met that challenge. I gave them something to help them grow and to allow me to see how they operate with no biases. This has been good for me. Also, I have been trying to stay in the moment with my boyfriend. This is helping though I am getting somewhat frustrated with the right now of our relationship. This gives me new insight into what the issues really are.

7. Slow Down

slow-downI haven’t stopped my life. I have even taken on some new opportunities. I am now the co-chair for the State of Alabama for the Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship. So my friend and I are working together to organize the local therapeutic riding centers and help each one meet its needs. I also flew to Washington DC for Kidney Action Day at Capitol Hill (more about that later).  But I have started to slow down. I take off work when I need to go home and take some time to rest. I am reading more allowing me to get off my legs and rest my body. I have turned down things when I couldn’t do them with very little guilt. This has been a big step in the slowing down process for me.

  1. #1 by Renee N. Smith on March 13, 2014 - 2:31 pm

    I applaud you for all the efforts you have made to stay not only positive, but also on the goals you set before many of the health challenges. I am so proud of you for sticking up for (and fighting for) all the issues you are most passionate about. You always make sure that everyone knows how much you love and care about them. I hope that you feel the love that you give to so many of us.

    love you girl!

  2. #2 by Venus on March 15, 2014 - 10:41 pm

    Hey Audrey Bear! I’m proud of your progress! It sounds like you’re doing good so far! Yay to you being a co-chair & finally having a diagnosis! 😉 Love you!

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