Here Come The Crazies- Renee`

I have a confession. I absolutely love fast food, red meat and cheese. I abhor almost all vegetables and love fruit. I am not the typical “health” blogger, BUT I will say that since starting out on this Rad7even journey I have begun to question how I live my life in all aspects and that includes my health.

When I blogged last year about my weird health ailments I never once mentioned the cause or issue (outside of asthma). I had some “female” issues. When I was younger (pre-sex days) I always thought birth control was weird. Not that I didn’t understand the concept (population control, reducing unwanted/unplanned pregnancies etc) I just thought that something mimicking being pregnant to keep you from actually getting pregnant might cause issues. I didn’t understand what it did to the body. Fastforward to post-sex days and post-Daniel I realized that I did not want a baby the first few months of my marriage. I took my first “depo” or progesterone shot in October 2012. I decided on the shot because I forget my vitamins so I thought the pill would not do me any good. I also took it because I felt it was convenient every three months just call my Gyn, see her, get the shot and I can skate for the next few months. I told my doctor that I did not want to have a baby super soon, but I did want to try within my first year of marriage. What she failed to tell me was unlike other forms of bc the shot could make that goal nearly impossible. I did research on the shot before I took it, but I don’t think I looked too deep. I saw things about increased risk of stroke, heart attack and blood clots, but due to my age I was like I’m good. I also read about the bone density issues, but because I was not going to take it long-term also thought that this wouldn’t matter.

Anywho, took the shot…in October. I pretty much had an immediate reaction. Headaches, nausea, tiredness etc. I’m thinking once my body gets used to the hormones I would be good. The nausea never really subsided but it did lessen and slowly but surely the other reactions lessened. I didn’t have any issues with breakthrough bleeding (bleeding before your cycle is due) so I thought I was good. I went back for my second dose in January. And had the same reactions

After digging some more I found out that it could take up to 18 months for my cycle to regulate..without a cycle there would be no chance of conception. So although I only took the shot for a short time the actually time on the shot did not seem to affect long-term effects. What I also found out was taking progesterone only bc also increases your risk for ectopic pregnancies something else I did not know. Honestly before Baby Smith I didn’t know much about EPs to begin with. I will never know exactly what cause my ep, but of course I suspect my form of birth control. I’ve had debates with people before about this issue about how I think birth control is poison and most think I am taking this stance too far. Maybe I am, but I do think more needs to be done to figure out are there long-term effects outside of stroke.

Here is news story about other forms of bc that have caused issues:

The point of this blog is not to convince anyone that they should or shouldn’t take it. There are risks to everything we do. But I am thinking that most women (and Ive asked a few) don’t question this at all. The issue is the companies that made those forms of bc knew beforehand that the studies showed that it increased risk of issues even in perfectly healthy and young women. My main thing is companies care about bottom lines. Money. dollar bills. greenbacks…you get the point. As consumers we have to be more diligent in what we consume and even what or doctors tell us.

Now I started this blog talking about food..why in the world did I throw in birth control? Because I think I need to be more aware about what I am putting into my body. If i am of the belief that adding hormones to the body can cause adverse reactions…then why not also investigate what I am eating as well. I grew up in a church that really emphasized a health message, but I didn’t prescribe to all of it because I love what i love and I was young. Now that I am older and responsible not only for my diet, but for my entire family, I realize that it is going to take some major work to get us eating healthy.

Back in March I started trying to eat clean, but it lasted about a week, because I just could not commit to doing it long-term because it is hard work! LOL. But after having something confirmed from what I already learned about healthy living from various documentaries like forks over knives and a few others I am convinced that this issues is important enough for me to try again. Not saying I will NEVER touch fast food again, but I am committed to moderation of the bad stuff and an increase of the good (more organic food, less red meat, buying vegetable feed meats etc).

I know for some this seems extreme, hence why I called this blog here comes the crazies LOL. When someone tried to talk to me about this awhile back and I dismissed it, but hey why not try it and see if it does alter somethings. I will blog my progress.

I found some blogs that I hope will help me on this journey:

Carrot sticks and peas


  1. #1 by Venus on June 7, 2014 - 9:01 pm

    Hey Nee! Wow I didn’t know some of the things you mentioned about birth control. I never been on it. There is nothing wrong w/ eating healthy! I try to eat healthy but I have my moments when I eat fried food & sweets. I cook healthy when I cook at home. At work, I try to eat healthy too but I’m limited on what I can eat.

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