Letting Go~Guest Blogger

I’m Angry. Well, less Angry than I was. But I am praying for the ability to Forgive.

I have a coworker who is Rude and, at times, truly inept at her job. She and I would clash daily. But I prayed that God would allow me to Forgive her actions and to accept her for who she was. I have worked Hard with God to be granted the Serenity to not let her get under my skin and the Grace to accept her as she is.

Back on point (the Paragraph above will mean something later). Recently, my company has decided to make some changes. They eliminated a part time job and brought in a new full time staff member. This is great for my company as the new person has a background that we really need. It is bad in the fact that the part time staffer was one my Dearest friends. It was Sad for her to be let go.

Understandably she was Upset, but Navigating a friendship/ex-coworker status is really tricky. I tried to help her through the transition and then after a time move away from those negative Feelings. But she milked it, always complaining and dragging my company’s name in the muck. I finally stopped talking to her about my life at work at all and redirected her when she asked. She felt Entitled to that full time position but subsequently took a job at another, similar company.

But then I heard that she had written several rude letters to my boss as well as to the new full time co-worker. This made me angry. First, this was my place of business and she had no right to drag me down in her process. And, second, she had never met this girl. Then God gave me some the Clarity to see this for what it really was: someone being immature and nothing I could do could fix it. I just had to offer the same Love and Forgiveness that God gives me.

Then….. (There’s always a then…), I found out she could have had a full time position by replacing my rude coworker. But because of her Immature behavior, she was not given the position and nothing changed at my company.  This is when I felt the most Angry and Hurt. Because she could not keep her mouth shut and act like an Adults I was stuck with the Rude co-worker.

I’ve prayed Fervently and Steadily, and I have begun to realize, this person, though she was a good friend, wouldn’t have been a good full time co-worker. God had a plan for us all and that includes me learning how to Deal with Rude people and how to navigate tough situations with the ones I love most. That must be how he feels about us; a tough situation that he often has to handle with those he Loves the most.

I am trying not to dwell in the Anger and just turn to God. He is helping me rebuild my heart by emptying it of Anger and refilling it with Love.

 Dear Lord,

Today I give it p to You

Remove the Anger from my heart

Refill it with Love

Through your Grace I can get through this



Peace, Love & Prayers


Holly Weitz works for a nonprofit in central Alabama. She loves animals and spends her time enjoying a variety of water sports

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