My Summer ~Venus

Hello everyone! My summer was interesting. I was laid off from work in May and began working the last week of that month. I served food to kids that came to AU for various summer camps. The place I work in was set up like a buffet for the summer. There were some periods that we got low on food and had scramble to get more food out for the kids. I got laid off twice this month. So I’m doing the best I can to stay afloat right now.

I’ve been taking applications for the summer for a scholarship program that my sorority has. The deadline for the scholarship is next Friday so I hope everyone sends in their information soon. I only received a transcript so far. Smh! I got into a really bad argument w/ one of my guy friends a few weeks ago. We did talk face to face. So I’m glad that were able to talk & I’m at peace. Before him & I talked to face to face, the situation weighed heavily on my heart & mind. I dislike arguing w/ people. I had to make a decision to stop allowing that situation to negatively affect my emotions. I attended an inservice at WHMC earlier this month that was very informative. The inservice was about different religions in our society & how to deal w/ clients that are non-Christians. I joined a webinar for the writers of Empowermoments last month. That was very helpful!

I did a few radical things over the summer: I tried to transfer to a new building to work in on campus but I was denied my transfer, I tried an orange chicken stirfry recipe, I donated a few items to two thrift stores, & tried out the Badoo app for a month. I think that’s all the radical things I did. Lol! God bless!


P.S. My roommate that lived on my side of the apartment moved out today. I’m going to miss her & her cat Munchkin. One of my roommates that lived on the other side of the apartment moved out earlier this month. So I have one roommate left at the moment

Charter decided to go digital this month so I was without cable for a couple of days. I wasn’t a happy camper! Lol!  I had to go to the Charter office & get me a cable box.

  1. #1 by renee n Smith on August 2, 2014 - 9:34 pm

    Venus sorry you’ve had such a tough month. Hopefully you’ll soon find a more permanent and stable income. Love you hun

    • #2 by Venus on August 8, 2014 - 2:28 am

      Thank you Renee! I appreciate that!

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